Gadget Show

This week, we have a £32,000 prize bundle to give away to one very lucky winner. For your chance to win: Text GADGET to... More
This week’s Gadget Show sees us visiting two countries, travel into the future and the go back in time all in the... More
Jason & Ortis check out the PowerUp 3.0 Airplane - the world's first smartphone controlled paper airplane! More
Amy’s taking to the skies in France to take a ride in the World’s first commercially available paramotor powered tandem... More
Jon’s taking a week of testing tech, swapping his spec sheets for time machines as he revisits the predictions made on... More
Ortis delves into the world of portable laptops, pitting the latest Chromebook against the ever popular MacBook Air... More
Jason and Amy race around the West Midlands on three modes of transport in their search to find out if free sat nav... More
Ortis takes a bag load of portable Bluetooth speakers to the Seoul, and meets the world breakdancing champion, Hong 10... More
Or friends Matt & Darren from We Got Game sat down with Mark Ogilvie, head content designer at Runescape aand told... More
This week has thrown up some massive news stories, with both Apple and Google unleashing their latest gadgets on the... More