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ZombiU First Look

Friday 16 November

After having hands on with various Wii U launch titles over the past few weeks we’re pretty excited for the Wii U to hit stores at the end of the month. And there’s one game that we’ve been particularly excited about since it was first announced earlier this year. And that game is ZombiU – it’s a firm stamp of Nintendo’s plans to win over core gamers with new and original gaming experiences. Using London as its post apocalyptic backdrop, it borrows a lot form other horror titles like dead space and Resident Evil, but still brings a lot of fresh ideas to the table.

Is this the game to pick up when you buy a Wii U?

And to add to the horror one of the central elements to the game is the way it utilises Wii U’s GamePad. For example you can use it to loot corpses for supplies, pick locks or move items in your bag around. And to add to the tension while you’re fiddling with the screen on the controller the main game doesn’t stop, so more often than not a Zombie will creep up on you, delivering some superb jump out of your seat moments.


What’s great to see from ZombiU is that its combining old school horror game tricks mixed in with the new gamplay elements from the WiiU’s controller that create both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. While it can be frustrating dying and having to collect your stuff over and over again, there’s plenty to keep you on the edge of your seat whilst you hunt for you previous location and more and more weapons. But for us the most entertaining part of the game comes when you boot up multiplayer.

We came away from ZombiU truly impressed and hugely excited to get hold of the both the full game and the Wii U. The game utilises the controller brilliantly, and in such a way to create one of the most terrifying games we’ve played in years, you’ll be sleeping with the lights on for weeks after playing.


Simply put if you’re picking up a Wii U at launch you’d be crazy NOT to get this at the same time. Here’s hoping for fruitful future for both the Wii U and ZombiU, as it seems from the developer’s perspective they would be more than happy to make a sequel from the heaps of ideas spare from this game.

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