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Is this gaming’s best deal?

Thursday 29 January

You know Valve, right? ‘Half Life’. ‘Counter Strike’. And you know Steam, their online shop and community from which you can download hundreds of retail games, demos and trailers? Good. ‘Cause if you didn’t, you might have missed the arrival of something called the ‘Valve Complete Pack’. And that would be very bad.

I’ve reviewed thousands of games in my time, but never a pack of games. And certainly, never one that includes 23 games for just over £50.

The titles in this monster download represent some of the greatest games ever made. The peerless ‘Half Life’ and ‘Half Life 2’ and just about every conceivable spin-off from the squad-based multiplayer experience par excellence that is ‘Counter-Strike’ and ‘Counter-Strike Source’, to both ‘Team Fortress’ games (it is hard to imagine a more quirky and playable squad deathmatch than ‘Team Fortress 2’), the modern puzzler ‘Portal’ and every megastar Valve game in between.

Is this gaming’s best deal? Jason needs no excuse to talk about ‘Half Life’. Nevertheless, he’s found one!

And then there’s ‘Left 4 Dead’.

Co-op action horror, now there’s a nerdy sub-genre if ever you needed one. And OMG, you DO need this one! You need ‘Left 4 Dead’ more than you need sleep. More than you need salt (apparently, we die if we don’t have salt). More than you need friends, money, school, your health, or a job. Go and buy this game for your PC or Xbox 360 and then email me and say thanks. You’ll mean it.

But don’t throw down thirty notes for just ‘Left 4 Dead’ when you can add a few more and download yourself the gaming equivalent to the British Library.

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  2. Watch Dogs
  3. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  4. Grand Theft Auto V
  5. Titanfall