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Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate

Tuesday 03 May 2011


Rating of 3

The basics

The Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate is a stunning looking mountain bike, offering fully adjustable trick suspension, disc brakes, a full carbon frame, 20 gears and a design like no other.

The good

The Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate looks every inch the high-end mountain bike, with its bespoke carbon frame, slimline racing seat and classy blue and white paint job. The full carbon frame, and liberal use of carbon for other parts, helps to make this one of lightest mountain bikes on the market. To help you get the best out of fast offroad sections, the Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate features Fox suspension at both the front and back of the bike. It offers a fully adjustable dual-shock arrangement, that changes both damping and geometry settings, effectively changing the way the bike rides. Big 185mm carbon brakes at the front and rear bring you to a stop, and the Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate features high-end Sram XX gears to help get you going again.

The bad

With its trick adjustable suspension, the Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate may sound like the perfect mountain bike, but it's not that easy to ride straight out of the box. Although very light, we found it slightly too skittery for our liking, occasionally feeling unsettled when the going got rough.

The bottom line

The Cannondale Jekyll Ultimate is still an amazing piece of engineering, there's no doubt about it. The high-quality framework, fancy suspension and premium parts make it feel like a piece of artwork, but at nearly £6000 we were hoping it would be a little bit better.
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i dont have one of these bikes but i would like one how much are they

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" but at nearly £6000 we were hoping it would be a little bit better."

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I have the cheaper version of this, the Jekyll 3, and at still £3000 it's still on the expensive side but it's the best £3k I've spent in a long while. The front is so planted and it's giving me so much confidence in hitting bigger, harder sections. It's also stable at really slow pace. I had the old Jekyll 800 and that was a good bike but this is in a league of it's own!

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david tinker

How can that be budget at 6000 k ? !!!!!!! , or am i from Mars ?

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Great bike but why would class this as a budget bike? Are your reviews actually worth writing and do actually ride them off road? it appears from this that you just talk to the sales rep and read the brochure.

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