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Monday 24 August 2009


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The basics

The AIRpod is a car powered by compressed air that produces a fraction of the CO2 emissions of a normal car and reaches speeds in excess of 30mph. It can also travel 65miles on a one minute charge and it costs just over £3,000!
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The airpod looks excellent for the money and the range it has. Does it need a driving licence to use it? It could become the new disabled mobility option for the future if not ( and that would be welcome comfort in the uk weather.

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Yuri Stepanov

Brilliant idea - I think it is the way forward. Once bigger manufacturing companies move in no doubt the costs will increase but also the comfort, speed and overall performance. I think this may be the answer to our global warming problem.

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Nigel New

I find the range and speed difficult to understand. The available energy from a 100 litre tank (a significant proportion of the total volume of the vehicle) at 10 bar pressure (150psi) would give only a small proportion of the energy required to meet 2 hours running at say 25 mph. So that we can work out the available anergy, can you give the tank volume and the pressure at full charge?

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This is not an air fueled car. Air is not a fuel, and in this instance is merely a drive component. The fuel that powers this vehicle is whatever was used to generate the electricity to power the compressor (most probably oil, coal or nuclear). The advantage is that the polution is generated outside of town or city. So unless you can guarantee that your electricity comes from a sustainable source, this is still not a zero carbon option. It is cute though.

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Loooks Sweeet

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It has no sideways mirrors. Is it legal ?

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Although the Airpod has had a negative response, this is an exciting time for the future of low emission cars however we cannot forget the that this car is still in it's infancy and test's need to be carried out just like any other car and therefore needs SUPPORT & INVESTMENT from the UK & other countries. The following websites give your more info and there are a few groups on facebook.

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is it classed as a car ? or maybe classed as a mobility scooter? what type of licence is needed and where and when can i purchase it? either way i want it , it looks so cool and i cannot immagine it to be too expensive (gadget show should put the website or contact details on each article for the product service)

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what is that? is it a car 'yes' bbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuttttttttttt i think all car are carbon hogs this amazing and its runs on air cool!!!!!!!!! you know i am shocked about this you know

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I know someone who has one! i went riding in it! it is soooo cool! wish i had one!

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do you have to have a lisence I want one...

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Wow...... Where was I when this was shown? Love that ! And the Price ! Its 2 years down the road, can someone tell me if this is on the market & where can I purchase one?? Real Cooool !

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