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Garmin Forerunner 405CX

Monday 31 August 2009


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The basics

The Garmin Forerunner 405CX heart rate monitor continuously records your time, distance, pace, calories burned and heart rate, then innovative ANT+ wireless technology sends the data to your PC for later analysis.
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I have been using this "watch" for about a month now. I say a watch but it is much more. I use it not only for time, distance, pace etc. but I can use the ANT + dongle to upload my data and and view my route on google earth. I can share my data / routes with others and view and use others data. I can even run the same route as someone else and compare times. You can even use the watch when on holiday and don't know the area. When you start you set your start point and the GPS navigation will automaticall point you in the direction of "Home" 5 Gs from me.

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I have been running for almost a year now, I can say without doubt this is the best gadget I have ever had. The reviews are right, it's not just a watch it does everything, GPS, sunrise/sunset time. heartrate. You can even race yourself. It's a motivational tool without which I would've probably stopped running 6 months ago. It's great on races too as you don't have to wait on that mile marker before you know your pace. If it's a choice between this & trainers buy this & run in your bare feet.

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John V. Karavitis Oh yeah, baby, this thing is the BOMB! I just ran a 5K race, I saw a lot of people with an earlier version of the Garmin GPS watch. I bet this gadget has done more to get people running than anything else. You can run whenever you want and however you want, and this thing will give you a map, split times, etc. I'm getting one, you bet! John V. Karavitis

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I use the Garmin 305 which was the top model when I bought it, excellent item but I must update it coz it massive compared to this new lot.

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this is an awesome watch and the price is coming down from the original price

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