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Scroll Excel

Friday 02 December 2011


Rating of 4

The basics

The Scroll Excel is a bargain basement tablet, offering a 7-inch touchscreen and plenty of decent features for just £130. It's one of the best budget tables around – read on for our Scroll Excel review.

The good

Considering the price, the 7-inch screen on the Scroll Excel is a cracker. It's bright, vibrant and clear, and we particularly enjoyed watching movies on it. Coupled with decent sound reproduction, it's a great little media player. It's also capable of running 3D movies, and although it doesn't feature a 3D display, you'll be able to hook it straight up to your 3D TV, letting you access and watch any stored 3D content on the big screen. The Scroll Excel's display is a capacitive panel, and we found it responsive and nice to use. Coupled with Android 2.1 and a fast processor, the entire browsing experience on the Scroll Excel is impressive. We found that it maintained a decent Wi-Fi connection, and the web browser is also more than capable. You'll be able to access hundreds of thousands of apps from the Android Market, and we found that plenty of games worked with no issues at all.

The bad

At this price, it's difficult to pick fault with the Scroll Excel. Sure, it's no iPad 2 rival when it comes to quality, and the screen could be sharper yet, but as an all-round package it's pretty good.

The bottom line

We like the Scroll Excel. It ticks all the boxes for an affordable tablet, and it's all you'll ever need when you want to stay entertained on the move.
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where can i buy a scholl excel?

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Not sure if this is allowed or not, as it's my first post on here, but the model in question that they looked at was the "Scroll Excel 53715" from Storage Options. The RRP is about £150 and they have them on Amazon at the moment, so try a couple of voucher websites and see if you can get it with a discount or not. Or, if you're not too bothered when you get it, you can pre-order it on for £129. They aren't getting them until the 19th of Dec. Regards T

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Molly Jenson

To T thanks for the info as I wasn't sure which model they reviewed as I was a little baffled when searching for it with different storage options. Cheers Molly

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Matthew Stanton

You can indeed or rather "could" (as its now sold out) buy it from ebuyer as i have one delivered and working on the strenghth of gadget shows review. Ihave to say its everything the review says it is the only slighht annoyance was having to pay £8.000 for an app just to print things out

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Sean Logie

Hi,does the scroll excell have 3G or is just wireless .

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Nick Lee

Read the small print guys - you cannot use the Android MarketPlace due to 'licensing issues'... That's a big negative in my view...

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i have read other reviews & they do say you can not use the android market major downfall for me but other wize it looks amazing

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Managed to get this from Hughes Direct (£130). Was hard to find due to the Gadget Show, lol. Works perfectly fine. Regarding the whole Android Market thing...I did read that in the manual, however, it gives you the option for the Android Market Widget, on it. Have downloaded a few apps from AM and they work fine, so no real issue. It also is set-up for other app links, so has a lot of options.

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It says in your review that the tablet is android 2.1 yet in other places I have seen that it is actually 2.3. Which is correct?

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can you suggest any movie download sites that are compatible with the tablet? struggling to get movies onto my tablet that i can watch while offline. Thanks

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does anyone know where I can find a outlet selling it please

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Been a gadget freak all my life and at the age of 66 I still get excited when good bits of kit become available. The Scroll Excel is for the price a brilliant gadget and I was considering it even before The Gadget Show sang it's praises. I have had mine since Christmas and keep it with me wherever I go. Everything works amazingly well and it interfaces with other equipment seamlessly. Films are a delight to watch on the Scroll with acceptable sound quality also. Only one thing I don't like and that is the non USB charger interface. Most of my other portable kit uses a standard 5v dc USB connector which I have variants of in my car, alongside my PC kit and even plumbed in a patch panel next to my bed.

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Ray Proctor

Budgie. The USB charger does work on the USB port as well as the seprate round pin connector. You can buy this tab as the tablo TAB7012 for just £99 delivered from or It has10 androd 2.3.4 and does have android market place. It doesn't have 3g. The only thing i've found that doesn't work is the video when making a skype video call. The skype client only sees a back camera, there isn't one and the client won't allow you to select the front cam. It's the only fault I can find.

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Just taken delivery of my Scroll, problem is, I was unaware that I needed wireless connectivity. Can't use it until that is sorted. Not explained on the show. Bad Suzy.

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Got my scroll Christmas and its just fab, put 32Gbt card in and have 20 films and a ton of albums on. For price it's just fab. Battery not brill, but cannot fault it. Oh and it's fully compatable with android app market. The scroll forum is very helpful regard to movie downloads and google calendar etc. good one gadget show.

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i ask if it can support arabic language

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It is now 90 Pounds

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k bourne

Having problems watching catch-up tv. I've tried different channels and all play with voices out of synch with pics. Any suggestions?

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