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Pro-Jump Jumping Stilts

Friday 30 April 2010


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The basics

Looking a little like bionic legs, these stilts will let you bound about like a kangaroo, leaping up to 6ft into the air, or run at speeds up to 25mph. Added health benefits include the cardiovascular workout it'll give you, to burn off fat and torch calories. It'll even strengthen core muscles around your body. It's a fun way to work out.
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How much are they?

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They range from around £179 to about £399. I have a different and better version called Poweriser pro, if you copy and paste this link, it'll take you there.;jsessionid=3E379A4EF5EE9A1C9DEA5BC00925BF9C.qscstrfrnt02?categoryId=2

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where can i buy them?

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Just got myself some today, they are awesome, you can buy them from

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Guardian Angel

These stilts are OK for beginners althought there are better versions avilable on the market. Someone has now reached over 7 foot 3 on this kind of stilts.

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best jumping stilts

it is very useful instrumental for jumping. thanks for share it.

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Best Jumping Stilts

It is very useful equipment for jumping and exercise thanks for sharing it.

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who cheap can u get a desent pair for

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They are awsome!!!

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i got them for christmas and took to them like water (im a good swimmer) and was walking in an hour running in 2 but only got so fast due to me having shorter legs but after about 6 mounth i lost about 2-3 stone but all good fun so i give it 4 g not perfect but grate

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htey are the best i want some for christmas but they cost so much :/ does any1 no were to get some for cheap ???

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dose anyone know how highe the junior f50 pro jump jumping stilts would bounce you

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Ruth Smith

I have some of these I am thinking of selling, can anyone recommend where to advertise them? PS I am in central Southern UK.

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