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Nokia Lumia 800

Friday 11 November 2011


Rating of 4

The basics

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the first smartphone to feature Mango – the latest iteration of Windows Phone. It's a landmark handset in Nokia's history, at a time where the Finnish company needs a successful smartphone.

Is this the best budget smartphone ever?

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The good

Let's cut to the point: The Nokia Lumia 800 is arguably the best Nokia smartphone we've ever seen. It features the same amazing design as the Nokia N9, with a uni-body design that matches the Apple iPhone 4S for design and quality – and it also features a stunning bright, colourful and sharp screen.

The 3.7-inch display gets Nokia's CBD (ClearBlack Display) technology to boost colour reproduction, and the 480 x 800 pixel resolution is more than sharp enough to make videos or web browsing a worthwhile experience.

It's the Mango operating system that's the star of the show, however, proving contemporary and stylish enough to knock Apple and Android off their perches – at least in design and usability terms.

It's a particularly fast smartphone to use, with responsive and intuitive menus, and each of the 'tiles' are large and finger friendly. It's also easy to set up the Nokia Lumia 800 to suit your needs.

The 8-megapixel camera is excellent, using Carl Zeiss opting to help produce detailed and clear photographs. As with the Nokia N8, you'll be able to shoot images that can actually be used for more than just Facebook.

The bad

It's not all good, however. The biggest problem with the Nokia Lumia 800 is the lack of applications for the Windows Phone operating system. It's getting better all the time, granted, but it's still not a patch on Android or iOS.

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The bottom line

If apps are what sells a phone to you, then you should hold off on buying the Nokia Lumia 800. It's more than capable of competing in any other area, however, proving easy to use, attractive and well made. We like it!

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I have a HTC Titan on windows mango and it is super slick and nice. For an OS thats just over a year old its not far off iOS and Android who have been going a while now. Windows phone 7 Mango can only get better from here forward. I think this collaboration between Nokia and Windows Phone 7 Mango is perfect. Nokia have always suffered with their OS as at the end of the day they are product designers not software engineers. This partnership means Nokia can concentrate their time on what there good at creating stylish beautiful handsets like the good old days and let people who know what there doing create the OS. Perfect :)

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I find it ridiculous that the gadget show would state that this phones bad points are its lack of apps compared to the android os. Actual bad points/concrete reasons to avoid not just an Android OS comparison: No Mass storage NBatto TV out No Sd Card Slot Poor Battery Life Does not support bluetooth with other Nokia phones (like others also) Noka Lumia 900 Release 2012 And as far as best Nokia smartphone you've tested have you guys never done a full real review on the N900? I mean show people what it can really do because for a 3 year old phone there isn't anything available currently that can do enough on all fronts to beat it. A phone in 2012 needs to bemore than a fancy pants looking designer accessory. It needs to be your laptop, your mp3 player, your portable dvd player, your satnav, your internet connection, your diary, your phonebook and be able to make calls. The Lumia is by far no where near Nokia best offering to do this.

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I fully agree with Ian. I bought one in the end of december and decided to return it after a couple of days. The main reason being that its several steps back compared to earlier Nokia smartphones. In addition to what Ian has listed, its PIM application is very poor (Contacts, Calendar, Notes,,) and it cannot send contacts nor calendar items in any way to other phones and/or over a network, something that even the most basic phones of today and since several years back are capable of doing. It doesn't come up as a dics on the PC when connected with a USB cable and there is no way of syncing with Outlook on the PC (only if you have an Exchange server). I also dislike the fact that its compleatelly tied in to Microsoft. You must have an Microsoft Live id to for example buy applications. So, for me this phone doesnt merit the title smartphone, its far less smart than in principle all its competitiors and even comparing with previouse Nokia phones since several years back.

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I am agreeing with kent, its crap that i cannot send my outlook contacts & calendar to Lumina "Smart" phone... thats the point of these phones!!! I am looking to return mine now and go back to mu old HTC HD2 as this actually works!!! Ridiculous that a simple sync feature has been left out of this phone!

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yeah d phone is not good as it has got no secondary camera for my video calls n chat also got a poor video recording that too for 720p ...

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I'm concerned that people writing comments on this handset are getting confused with a different handset.???? I have a htc titan on windows phone mango and i have always full outlook sync. It was the first reason i went with the new windows phone os. Anything I do on handset or on outlook fully syncs. Email, Calender & contacts. are you guys getting confused???? It has fully wireless syncing with zune so everything is backed up as soon as i walk in the house or office. you cant send contacts wich is correct and a little bit backwards but you can just copy and send numbers and contacts. This is a still a new growing OS and is a good alternative to the others. The old Nokia OS was shocking at best and would never compete going forward with IOS and android. was a smart Idea for nokia and microsoft to partner up as Microsoft are software guys and nokia are design gurus. Im worried you arent seeing the big picture. This can make Nokia cool again like it used to be. I miss my old 8210, it was slick. this partnership can bring it back.

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this is an awesome phone. true tech here. i am very pleased with my lumia. im glad they give it a good review. as i found to do all my iphone 4 did and more. its a new fresh design, and looks awesome in white. so well done nokia. i am really pleased with windows mobile 7. as os its has a lot to give. one day we have loads of apps. obviously not as much as IOS. but still a lot.

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chris winters

why does the lumnia 800 come on when you plug it in to charge the battery.mine does or am i doing something wrong.

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david Morgan

The Nokia lumia 800 as it stands is the biggest waste of money anyone can spend,I was suckered into buying one by the sales man that I can only think just looks at the shops mag to get his info for the phones he's selling,I'm a big user in Bluetooth sending & receiving file and was told that since it had Bluetooth I could do this,I down load programs from BBC iPlayer,you will be able to do this as it has a video player,but wrong it doesn't support a flash player & will not,even watching video from YouTube is stop start streaming apart from that it is everything bad every other Nokia lumia 800 complainant person,I couldn't even return as the box had been open & I had used the phone. I have since dug out my old E71 which I have to say is a bit slow but is still 100% a better phone,anyone thinking of getting a windows phone,DON'T DO IT

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can i download photos from nokia 800 to my pc

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I don't understand why everyone fusses so much that the WP marketplace isn't as big as Android or the iPhone's. Of course it's not, it's 2/3/4 years younger! But there are also so many of the crucial apps available currently. I don't get why people make such a fuss that time-wasting apps like Drawsomething, Angry Birds Space and Instagram aren't there yet. I'm sure they're all good applications, but it shouldn't sell a phone. For serious users, there are plenty of apps that are presented in a much nicer way than on other operating systems. Windows Phone deserves to be given a chance, I'm glad they've reviewed the Lumia 800 positively too, every time I've tried one out, it's even slicker than my HTC Mozart 7 and it's a true joy to use.

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B Daly

By far and away the best phone / operating system on the market. I have had the phone since a week after it release and have never had a problem it is sturdy, the screen looks beautiful and despite being dropped by my daughter on numerous occasions the gorilla glass still looks perfect. Ever review of this phone that I have read states that it’s better than IOS and android but lacks the apps. So far there is only one app that I want for this phone that I cannot get (Panasonic please release the app so I can control my smart TV). OK maybe there are some other out there that other people might want but let’s face it - Windows 8 is a few months away and developers will be going crazy to develop apps for the platform which unless they are crazy they will also make available for the WP7. My partner has an android phone and I bought a tablet for our daughter which runs android also but trying to update either of these devices is almost impossible and I'm pretty tech savvy. IOS users that have played with my phone have all told me that it is so much easier to use - so much slicker and the voice input actually works unlike siri. My one piece of advice to anyone looking for a new mobile phone would be to pick it up and play with it, just because everyone else has an apple doesn't mean that you have to. I really can't understand the cult following that they have. Yes I'm a fan of Mr Gates but honestly Microsoft / noni have got this one right a hardware software marriage that is seamless.

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Aqib Bashir

Keeping in mind the age of OS, I would say it is going into the right direction, and has achieved what Android could not achieved till today, despite of their Dual, and Quad Core phones (stuttring, Lagy, and inconsistent). I have used various phones from different Operating Systems, and I am quite advanced user and tech savy by any standards. I must say that if Microsoft and Nokia keep working together the way they have worked to bring Lumia 800, they will not only catch up with Android and IOS but I am confident will leave them behind. If you notice, IOS has become almost stagnant and so is Android. Both in my opinion are introducing cosmetic changes. No real revolution I see coming from either one of them. Windows on the other hand got it right first time as far as User Experience is concerned with the OS and Simplicity. Can you imagine Android having all those Widgets cluttering your screen and eating up all the RAM that you have and on top of that is very powerful chipsets i.e., dual core and recent ones quad core, but still stutters, and lags. Look at windows. The hardware requirements are minimum, and still you get very sleek, easy, fluid and workable Operating System out of the box. Live Tiles.... absolutely new concept. This is what required for a business user, get every information, that you need right on to your home screen without downloading and installing different widgets and switching from one screen to another one. I believe Windows Mago brings freshness as far as Operating System, Yes, right now it may have few things missing, and that may cause some users an inconvenience but it won't take long before these things are rectified and you have a wonder and reliable operating system to work or play with.

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I need a phone but Android is just to finicky and iOS is too expensive! Is window the answer? If so which Nokia is best value?

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N Rees

Worst phone I have ever owned. Totally counter intuitive, even adding a contact is a fiddle. I can't use this to watch i-player and youtube which was a big deal breaker for me when I was stuck in hospital for 3 weeks. My wife has Samsung galaxy SII (upgrading to SIII) as soon as possible and I'm really sorry I didn't get the same phone hers is brilliant and does everything I want mine to do and a chimp could operate it it's so easy and intuitive to use.

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Lumia 800 is the worst phone I've ever had, it sucks.

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I own a Lumia 800 and its a great phone.I have had no problems at all.

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The Nokia lumia 800 is the WORST phone ever. I have had 5 serious problems with it since I got it (And I am only 5 months in to a 2 year contract). My phone has crashed and not turned on for a few hours spontaneously, it has crashed when downloading the update - leaving the phone completely useless until it managed to regain it's connection and finish the download (Another few hours) and the latest problem is that it simply will not charge now. I have used 3 different chargers in many plug sockets and nothing is working. So my 5 month old phone is now officially dead. Superb!

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Nokia lumia is the worst phone in the world!! it can't get any worse than this. I have been trying to get the phone charged the whole day as it only charges when it's on!!! Apps are rubish and operating system not much better!! Shame I sold my old phone!!!

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Don't understand why your all going on like this phone should do everything your too lazy to do yourself! Ive had it 2 months and yes it can be a pain to do things... til you learn the way to do it! try playing with the phone rather than just expecting it to know what you want it to do! only downside I have is they should tell you that you have to be 18 to use MarketPlace! As my phone is only half useful to me for another 3 months :( apart from that a brilliant phone, thats fun to learn to use, IF YOU GIVE IT A CHANCE INSTEAD OF LOVING APPLE AND HTC SO MUCH!

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I was bought this phone for xmas 2012. upon opening the wrapping paper i was thrilled. well... until i opened the box, switched on, realised the network was a rubbish signal , can not get main apps like BBC IPLAYER......ITV PLAYER...4OD... OR ANY STREAMING APPS FOR TV... then after found the battery was worse than my n90 nokia (which is realy old but last's 2 days) then to top it off, CAN NOT SEND BACK, because box had been openend???.. not a happy bunny and realise why apple are NO1 in the mobile industry.. how can you call the lumia 800 a windows phone??? its no where near !!

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Trust me, this website says nothing about cons.. Lumia has plenty of them!

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Nokia Lumia 800 is the worst mobile ive ever used , it doesn't turn on since its battery has died , Now three weeks and still nothing , i give it to my child when he cry and want a mobile. you will regret if buy a piece of.... i bought another smart phone and will not back to Nokia ever .Good Nokia mobiles only that old style phones , however for the new and smart phone i will say sorry Nokia you are nothing .NO1 is well known and NO2 is well known

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List of issues with the Nokia Lumia 800 - No file sharing allowed via Bluetooth - Battery life is very short - No text message sending via Zune (I can do it via Nokia N8 and Nokia Suite) - Cannot separate audiobooks and music in Zune - Cannot group pictures into albums on the phone (Nokia N8 can), yes you can add to favourites but that is only one group - Zune does not support - No traffic on/off button in maps - No BBC iplayer - Cannot connect to Nokia Suite I am going back to my N8 until Nokia and Microsoft gets its act together. I don’t understand why they cut out basic things like Bluetooth or text sending while phone linked to PC.

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i have this phone and bad point cant send and recieve picture text ring tunes are painful good points lovely layout cute ladys phone( i have in blue one black one may be manley i havnt seen one as of yet )

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Matthew James

I've had this phone now for about 8 months,and I cannot wait to get rid of it! I find it absolutely dreadfull, on numerous occasions the USB/charging port has broken meaning I am unable to charge it or connect it to my computer or my Zune software. This has caused many problems and I have had to replace it it twice, both times with a £50 excess which in my opinion is actually worth more than the phone! Other problems; Poor battery life, very small range of apps (even when its not compared to IOS or Android), screen is too small and out of proportion and the buttons on the side stick! I personally dont know how this phone got 4 G's, if it was up to me it would only have 2, maybe 3 at a push.

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worst thing done was to buy this luia 800 and only had it a couple of days cost me £45 to get it unlocked which i was schocked about because of the software it has to be sent off to get unlocked and the caller volume it terrible you cant hear nothing the other person is saying on the other end unless you have it on loud speaker ! other than that its an ok phone but whats a phone if you cant hear people on the other line sending back !!!!!

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when i first got my first nokia lumia 800 i didnt regret it one bit because it did everything i wanted it to do but later on i was getting bored of it and i wanted to swap it for a blackberry but people kept saying to me that my phone was well good and that they would swap it from a blackberry anyday if they were allowed and now i realise it was the best phone i have ever had because it does everything that i want it to do so thankyou nokia cause if it werent for this phone i would have got a sony which are rubbish and so are htc's i absolutley hate them so whoever has a htc is a bonkers idiot!!!

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Frankly speaking, despite the fact lake of application in Market place, lumia 800 is the best mobile ever by Nokia, i have it since long time now and its very nice and easy to use, especially after the last update, now i can send and receive files via Bluetooth, transfer music to and from my laptop, ringtone maker, tile re-size and most of the important application is there already :) with all respect to all critics i found this phone is worth to try :) thank you

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I love it! had it going on two months and my only problem is the music volume is very low, they say it's something to do with European law. if you want to enjoy your music collection on it then don't buy it, if you want a fairly good smartphone then this is a good one.

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