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Nokia E63

Tuesday 03 March 2009


Rating of 3

The basics

This mobile messenger weighs in with a spacious QWERTY keyboard for drafting long emails and a Symbian S60 OS ready to be furnished with third party apps and software. All the essential PIM functionality is covered - you can easily synch your contacts and such like with Microsoft Outlook - while connectivity is handled by the latest 7.2Mbps flavoured HSDPA and built-in Wi-Fi. It’s a little bulkier than it svelte cousin the E71, with vital stats of 113x59x13mm and a 126 gram tonnage.

The good

The E63 expanded waistline means its QWERTY is less pokey than the E71’s layout and kinder to fat thumbs. It really is great for tapping out messages on the bounce. Likewise setting up personal email accounts is a breeze while internet surfing on Nokia’s own web browser is intuitive and fun, especially with web pages loading briskly over HSDPA or like the clappers over Wi-Fi. The inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone will be appreciated by music fans.

The bad

Unlike the E71, the E63 is imbued with a credit crunch ethos, highlighted by its diluted funtime feature set and cheaper soft paint finish. The basic fixed focused two-megapixel snapper and lack of any GPS receiver shows multimedia is secondary to work related guff. However, unless you hook up to your work’s Microsoft Exchange server push email is also off the agenda.

The bottom line

Its multimedia talent may have been blunted to keep the cost down but the user-friendly E63 still has oodles of messaging charm and smartphone business nous.
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i own this phone and i think its rubbish esp when updating it as all other stuff on a pc u can use bluetooth even when installing stuff but the downside is u cant update the firmware without a data cable wish we could use bluetooth do do everything on the pc as i can transfer mp3 off the pc via bluetooth and eveything else exept updates sry about the grammer im dislextic

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I have the Nokia E63 and it's an ok phone. The qwerty keyboard is very good and applications like Skype and MSN(network dependent) work very well, the screen is big enough for web surfing. The battery life is pretty impressive I typically get around 2 days and thats using the internet, being logged into Skype and making or receiving phone calls. The Symbian series 3.2 operating system is a little sluggish and is prone to rebooting itself. Mine is on the 3UK network where you get free Skype and MSN With it being an E Series Nokia you get a push email application and that works seamlessly once set up, it can be quite tricky to setup, it will suppprt popular email clients such as Msn, Gmail & Yahoo Its doesn't have a GPS receiver built in but you can plot your progress when travelling using Google latitude which is pretty accurate. This can be downloaded from google maps. Note that you don't get the Nokia USB cable supplied in the box it's sold separately which is a bit of a bugbear. I bought an unofficial Nokia cable for £5 which works fine. The original official Nokia cable costs around £20. It's a 3g handset and I would recommend downloading a 3rd party web browser called Opera Mini. You can also use Wifi at wifi enabled places.

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Nice enough review but I own this phone and Skype will not work with the Nokia OS. The phone has Wi-fi and that's all you should need. But, even Skype admit you can use Skype only with WinMo or iPhone operating systems. I found that a bit of a nuisance. And this phone does not have HSDPA as you suggrest, or 3.5G as some know it. No big deal you might think but with HSDPA you can run the BBC iPlayer. The e63's big brother the e71 has it. That might be a deal breaker for some thought the e71 does not have the 3.5mm earphone jack. Other than that. it's a cracking phone that does more than any of us really need. Oh yes, it makes calls too.

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I have this phone and it is a good "cut down" version of the E71, even without HPDSA .This good review did forget to mention its torch capability which is a very handy thing to have as well.Skype does work with this phone as I have used it on several occaisions but I am on the 3 network which is pushing Skype very heavily at the moment and it is one of the phones they have in their Skype promotions.

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I own this phone on the "3" network. Sypke does work on it as I use it quite often. It also appears that there is a complicated workaround available to get BBC I Player to work on the E63

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Bryn Hopkins

I have no problem with the the lack of a gps reciver. As the contract i am on has unlimited internet, and i have the google maps app so i am never lost. And as the e63 is such a great web surfing phone it has no problem with the app and works almost instantly.

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i own this phone, if you dont have a large budget this phone is ok but i wouldnt buy it again its okay for the first month but after that you wish you bought another one so dont buy. its a bad buy

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I started off with a 6630 then an E61i and now own the E63, and i think that for its size and cost it is by far one of the best phones i have used, i currently have 5 email addresses sync'ed to it and always find that it supprises me as more apps come out for it eg. Spb TV - 100 tv chanels via the net, skyfire web browser (much better than the standard nokia one) and olive tree bible reader. The calendar is easy to use and as i have my own business it helps me keep business and pleasure seperate as you can switch between two active modes business/personal, each of these can be set as you wish. to sum up out of ten 9/10

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Chris S

i have owned this phone for about 5 months, for the first say 2 months it was working okay after installing a couple of apps and setting up my emial it began to lag like no tommorow it enjoys turning itself off and when it comes to getting a signal theres no hope unless you enjoy restarting every time you send a text the build in web browser is pretty pathetic comared to competition browsers the wifi isnt bad and the keyboard is quite good. this realy isnt the kind of phone you would want to get tied into a 15 month contract with.

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On the smartphone best buys section, this has the description of the Tattoo and not of the Nokia E63

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i have owned this phone for 10 months now and to be honest, for £18 a month the phone and deal is very good, retains the nokia ethos and will take a beating. Very pleased so far however i will be upgrading soon to a blackberry as it does have more to offer.

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Mark Smith

Awesome business phone and very well designed.

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