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JCB Tough Phone

Friday 19 September 2008


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The basics

JCB Toughphone which is manufactured by Sonim Technologies is a mobile phone that is known to be 'harder than the average phone.' It comes in contrasting yellow and black chunky design and has undergone the toughest research work that made it the 'hard as nails' phone that it is today. To be able to be certified tough, it had to pass IP52 specifications, and it did. One of its main features is the PTT support.
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this is great, u should buy this product.

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This may be a different model to the Sonim XP which I briefly owned. It was a terrible phone "sounds like you're phoning from the moon" was one comment. (I got my money back) Build quality was IMHO inferior to the Samsung Solid M110 which I have used for years but my window is cracked. It NEEDS to be polycarbonate. As I have really been given the runaround on the window I have bought a sheet of 2mm thick Lexan but have not yet got around to it! How can they expect to get repeat customers when replacement windows aren't available?

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it looks and sounds great but if you cant replcment parts for when its broke then its abit pointless

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Matt Quinn

I've owned one of these (the JCB version) for a while now and I really suggest you AVOID the JCB toughphone at all costs. The XP1 has a number of stupid usability engineering issues... For instance you need to unlock the keyboard to see the time because the 'press * to unlock' message obscures the clock! STUPID... We've tried a few of these phones on various bluetooth handfree systems and found that gaining a proper working connection is intermittent... You SEEM to be connected until you make or receive a call to discover you have NO audio connection! Audio quality generally is dire... Menu system illogical... As for the guarantee... I emailed Dataselect who distribute the phone about these issues several times and got ignored! When I finally DID corner their marketing director by embarassing him into a response I got abuse and a general abdication or responsibility... ...Just don't do business with these people! Life's too short!

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like the looks of this

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Patricia Fowles

Bought Sitemaster 2 for my son's birthday as features were ideal for work he does. First phone had numerous problems, took it back and eventually got a refund. Ordered a second phone direct from JCB. now on second replacement. Sound is so distorted it is impossible to understand what is being said. Contacted service provider as advised no different. Simply unable to use phone. My son can stand in exact same place and use JCb handset - just distorted- take out the sim and put it in his son's phone or my phone - clear as a bell. Obviously the problem is with the handset. Very disappointed.

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Rob rickard

Worst phone I ever owned, switches itself off all the time, terrible signal, i now have a Nokia on same network in my pocket as spare now as jcb phone is terrible, everyone complains they either can't hear me, voice is muffled or distorted, crackles, my other phone everything is clear as a bell ! Menu is not thought out well at all, technology, well lets just say Noah had better on the ark. Certainly wont buy another if that's the best they can do.

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