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HTC Rhyme review

Wednesday 25 January 2012


Rating of 3

The basics

The HTC Rhyme is one of the latest smartphones to hit the market, and unlike the majority of other handsets, the Rhyme has been launched specifically with girls in mind. It offers decent styling and a solid feature set, but is it enough to tempt people away from the more expensive Apple iPhone 4S?

The good

The purple styling on the HTC Rhyme won't suit everybody, but then again it's not designed to. Instead, it's targeted at women, with that distinctive colour and an accompanying charm that lights up when the phone rings or notifications come through. The idea of targeting a specific sex is not a new one, and it's usually quite controversial. At least HTC has avoided the typical pink casing, however, and the HTC Rhyme is actually an attractive and well made smartphone. The capacitive touchscreen measures in at 3.7 inches, which is a good compromise between size and usability. It feels a lot smaller than range-topping smartphones – like the Samsung Galaxy S II – yet you'll still be able to type using the touchscreen keyboard without lots of errors. At just over 10mm in depth, the HTC Rhyme is a lot more compact than a lot of the latest handsets, and will easily slip into pockets or the smallest of handbags. Features on this Android smartphone include a 1GHz processor, which is more than quick enough for most uses. It is single-core, however, and there's slight lag if you're running lots of applications simultaneously. There's also 8GB of storage, courtesy of a microSD card.

The bad

The HTC Rhyme features a uni-body design, and although quality is impressive, there is a large downside. You won't be able to remove the battery yourself, so there's no option for swapping to a second battery. Battery life is also pretty average, making this more obvious.

The bottom line

Overall, the HTC Rhyme is a nice handset. Aside from the colour, it doesn't really do enough to stand out in a crowded smartphone market, but if you like the styling, and can find a good deal, then it's well worth a second look.
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Dr Jones

This is a redesigned HTC Desire s which is a fantastic phone a real iphone beater.It comes in THREE colours greyish greeney grey and purple.It has lots of gadgets with it including a novel dock system.The bezarre batttery access is very strange as its made by premium manufacturer HTC.You should buy this at around £325 to get the best deal here.

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