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BlackBerry Bold 9900 review

Monday 13 February 2012


Rating of 3

The basics

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is an update on the classic BlackBerry range, the most advanced yet, combining buttons, a QWERTY keypad and a touchscreen. The Bold range may be favoured by business types, but it’s also great for anyone that loves to read and send emails and text messages on-the-go.

The good

As with most other BlackBerry phones, the Bold 9900 is wonderfully well made. It feels sturdy and reliable. A neat metal band running throughout lends the Bold 9900 a luxury look. There’s a certain weight to the Bold 9900 that makes the device feel very reassuring to hold. The QWERTY keypad is the star of the show. It’s a delight to type email and lengthy text messages on. Even typing in symbols is easy thanks to an alt button. Combined with a touchscreen, the Bold 9900 offers the best of both worlds. Scrolling through blogs with your finger soon comes natural. Browsing itself is impressive. Pages load up quickly, and the ability to keep open multiple pages open is a bonus.

The bad

We love that the camera is a decent 5-megapixel shooter, but we’re not too keen on the lack of autofocus. Trying to capture subjects that are moving at even the slowest speeds is a pain. The touchscreen is a nice addition, but it doesn’t always feel as responsive as it could do, also at times failing to register movements. Battery life could also be better here. To be on the safe side, you will have to charge the BlackBerry Bold 9900 daily. Especially if browsing the web. Speaking of which, going online is great, but the screen is just slightly too small to really enjoy it.

The bottom line

The BlackBerry Bold is a fine phone. The best BlackBerry Bold yet. If you need a phone purely for staying in touch through email, text message and instant messaging, the BlackBerry 9900 is ideal, if not flawed in some areas.
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I currently have this mobile and it does have some good features including the touchscreen which helps but there's just more bad points about the phone than good. I don't get much use out of it as the battery life is very short, I find myself charging it about 3 times a day which is ridiculous. Also I've had a problem lately which is very stressful! No matter what profile I'm on (loud, medium or normal) it still doesn't notify me' it's as if it is constantly silent. So I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone, hope I helped.

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The phone sounds good to me!!!

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Sean McCloskey

@ AidenLeigh try updating to the new OS sorts out the battery issues and may also fix the notification issue. I moved a month ago to the iPhone 4S, battery life is woeful. What makes it worse is the apps and what draws you to the phone? The Apps. It's a poisoned chalice, I played a few games at lunchtime and the battery was dead at 5 (switched on from 8) with calls and emails going too. A 2.5 hour charge cycle on iPhone compared to around an hour on the BB9900 I know which one suits better. Yes the 9900 battery is poor compared to the BBs of old but in comparison to the "Top" smartphones its at least as good if not slightly better

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chris smith

I've had a number of blackberrys but this is the best yet .I've only had my 9900 for 2 days and I am all ready realy imperest with it its realy well built and it never feels like its going to let me down . The web browser is realy fast and responceive. The only thing that let's it down for me is the lack of a foreward faceing cammera but I wouid recomend this phone to any one .

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