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Lumie Haylight

Friday 09 July 2010


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The basics

The Lumie Haylight is a light therapy solution for hayfever sufferers. Two tubes go up each nostril and emit two kinds of red light that affect the membranes inside your nose to reduce histamine production and relieve the symptoms of hayfever such as itching, sneezing and even irritable eyes.

The good

The Lumie Haylight offers a natural and drug-free alternative to hayfever suffers who don't want the side-effects of anti-histamines. It's easy, if a little odd, to use – just stick the light-emitting tubes up your nose when you feel the symptoms of hayfever come on and leave for three minutes. The results are instant and impressive. Our tester is a heavy hayfever sufferer and noticed a palpable difference after first use. The nose felt clearer and more comfortable immediately. Over a period of a week in high summer, the Hay Light delivered consistent relief from dreaded hayfever. There are many hayfever gimmicks on the market, but this isn't one of them – Lumie has an 19-year pedigree in light therapy treatments and this uses scientifically proven methods to deliver results. No sneezing, no itchy eyes – and, best of all, no drowsiness.

The bad

It's an odd-looking contraption, and sticking two light-emitting tubes up your nose is not the most office- or bus-friendly of activities. In fact, the Haylight is probably best used at home, as it can make your nose a bit streamy as it clears out the histamines from the membranes in your nose. Have a tissue handy.

The bottom line

The Haylight is a surprisingly effective treatment for hayfever. For those who want a natural alternative to anti-histamines, this is the most effective we've seen. It may look a bit odd, but it's worth it.
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im 17 i have litrally just used it now and my nose has been itchy and like a tap for days now after using the lumie haylight strightaway i feel 100 % better this is the first day of using it but so far all is good lets see if it carries on

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