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Tissot T-Touch Expert

Monday 01 December 2008


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The basics

The Tissot T-Touch Expert watch is equipped with an altitude-difference measurement mechanism, two alarms, a perpetual calendar, a countdown, backlighting and an End of Life indicator. The case is crafted from titanium and has a rotating bezel and anti-reflective, scratch-resistant crystal.
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William Clark

i have owned a tisot t touch watch for aprox 3 years in titanium. I could not be moor disappointed.after aprox 18 months I noticed that parts of the touch screen were no longer working.i stopped using it and in fact had forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago.when I decided to get it repaired I took it to the local tisot dealer who said at the time they tisot had a policy of replacing units that were beyond repair for a cost of aprox £130.00 The was acceptable to me. Imagine my shock when the dealer contacted me and said tisot would replace my watch at Acosta of £270.00. Rip off or what when the watch only cost £220.00.brand new from Dubai duty free. My advice to anyone considering any tisot product STEER WELL CLEAR. William Clark

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