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Kobo Mini

Tuesday 13 November 2012


Rating of 4

The basics

Say hello to the Kobo Mini, the cutest lil' e-reader around. Unlike most black and white e-readers, which pack similar six-inch eInk displays, the Kobo Mini screen measures a mere five inches across. It still packs the specs to go toe to toe with its rivals though: you'll find Wi-Fi inside, as well as 2GB storage, space for thousands of books, and a battery good for weeks and weeks of reading.

The good

Let's get this clear: the Kobo Mini is an e-reader for those who know a Kindle is too big for them - whether they prefer to hold an e-reader in one hand standing on the commute, or because it fits into a small bag or back pocket. If you're one of these people, you'll love it. The Kobo Mini is a dainty 134g, nestling snugly in the palm of one hand. It still offers all the other mod cons of an e-reader in 2012: Wi-Fi for pulling down books in hotspots, a digital Kobo store, and a battery life better measured in weeks than hours. It packs a quality screen too, that's easy on the eye with no strain whatsoever. You could easily read the whole of Game Of Thrones on here, even if the screen is teeny.

The bad

Kobo's the minnow in the e-reader game, trying to slug it out with multi-national corporations like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And while the hardware is impressive, it does mean it can't offer everything that its rivals do. Yes, Kobo has iPhone and Android apps to keep your titles in sync on your other devices. But the catalogue's not quite as vast as Amazon's - something to bear in mind now that the entry level Kindle is cheaper than ever at £69.

The bottom line

The Kobo Mini doesn't pack in all the features of Amazon's Kindle line, it's true. But now that Sony has all but given up on e-readers, it's also the only game in town for a tiny e-reader that will fit in even the smallest handbag. If that's what you want, you'll love this thing - just know that there are other, bigger options out there too.
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Next challenge for Jay and Pol's - Make your own e-Reader. Maybe one each, Jay's being boy-ish, and Pols' being all pretty.

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My first E ink e-reader and really impressed. I didn't want to be limited to one bookstore and one file type so this ticked all the boxes. Its light, fits in your pocket and supports multiple eBook file types. Ideal for reading on the way to work or to take on your holidays!

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Does the mini e-reader have just a black / white screen and can you read at nite

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