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Nespresso Magimix M190 CitiZ & Milk

Monday 09 August 2010


Rating of 4

The basics

Simplicity is the name of the game for this compact coffee machine from Magimix. Pop in a Nespresso capsule in one of 16 flavours, choose large or small and your espresso or – with the help of the milk heater unit – cappucino will be along in no time. It's basic, yes, but in return you get a machine that's smaller and easier to use than most.

The good

A lack of complicated features can often leave gadgets looking sparse and bare, but the M190 has an air of minimalist elegance, and its compact dimensions mean it'll fit in corners most normal coffee machines won't. Forgoing the fiddly steam-based milk heater for a far simpler “Aerocinno” system keeps things quick and simple, and avoids the risk of burning yourself too. Similarly, the reliance on Nespresso pods guarantees using just the right amount of coffee every time, with not a single granule going to waste.

The bad

Purists will immediately be doubtful of the “Aerocinno” milk-heating system, and with some justification too, as milk simply doesn't come out as hot as on traditional machines. In addition, while the Nespresso range is fairly wide, it's still your only choice, which won't please everyone. And while you get a full range of starter capsules in the box, it works out quite expensive once you start paying for them.

The bottom line

If your tastes fall within the tried and tested and you want decent hassle-free espresso without having to work too hard, the £170 Magimix M190 is for you. More dedicated coffee aficionados will quickly grow frustrated with the limited options on offer, however.
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This is a great little coffee machine which i got for xmas! you are limited to the nespresso range of blends but they are great and there is always new ones coming out! I wouldnt say the long term running costs are that great (atleast not much more then other machines) and there is always offers coming through to members. the tv show also siad the milk container gets very messy, in my experience i have never had it bubble out the side except when i was first trying it out and ignored the the maximum fill lines inside for frothed milk! Great coffee every time!

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I've had mine for nearly year now and think it's great. It hasn't become one of those unused kitchen gadgets as it's so quick and easy to use, easy to clean and makes good coffee. I can only assume that the machine on the show was overfilled with milk as I've never had the problem that they had; it can make a small amount of milk increase in size by a surprising amount!!! There's a decent range of coffee despite it being capsule based and at around 30p per capsule I don't think that's excessive. It's a lot cheaper than a high street shop and you didn't fork out a grand for a good bean to cup machine in the first place. It would have got 5 Gs if I had reviewed it!!!

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I've the Citz and milk Titanium by Krups. Two thumbs up. Better than Dolce Gusto.'again, the milk will froth over if you fill over the lines

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Really cant complain about this coffee machine. Makes a great tasting espresso and I really think the aerocinno is fantastic for what it is! The capsules arent that expensive when you think about it, plus the many deals that are on offer help!

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I love our Nespresso machine - great coffee. Couldn't be without it now.

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i bought the citiz yesterday,its going back to john lewis today,! milk heater/aeriator keeps violently bubbleing over making an un holy mess and flooding the whole machine and work surfaces with milk,not worth the mess for a cup of coffee,waste of a trip to london.

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