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Dualit Espressivo coffee maker

Friday 05 March 2010


Rating of 5

The basics

Dualit's 15-bar coffee maker is one for kitchen fashionista thanks to a classy chrome and cast metal body.

The Dualit backs up its beauty with Thermobloc tech to deliver hot water and steam on demand, extra cup height clearance and a delivery system that will handle ground coffee or espresso pods.

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The good

The Espressivo is not a machine to be hidden away – its gorgeous stainless steel and cast metal body will raise diners' eyebrows before they've even had a sip of its wares.

Fortunately, the coffee's also good – the controls on the Dualit are simple, solid and a joy to use, and with a little practice, you will be dispensing perfect espressos with ease.

Coffee temperature is also bang on, thanks to the Thermobloc system, and there's no hanging about waiting for steam to percolate. There's also a high dispensing nozzle, for anyone who wants to fill up more than an espresso cup.

The bad

The Espressivo is a tad on the noisy side once it gets going, although the sound is reassuring rather than alarming. We also found that this machine was a bit of a dripper – use it regularly and that drip tray will be full in no time.

Given the generous height of the dispensing nozzle, it remains a mystery why the frothing nozzle remains on the positively stumpy side.

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The bottom line

Quite simply the best-looking coffee maker of its kind, the Dualit Espressivo is as classic as a Vespa and almost as much fun to take for a spin.

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I've lived with this machine for eight months and it is a joy. For a quick jolt in the morning or a long latte on a Saturday, this thing churns out consistently good coffee, with a thick crema and well frothed milk. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes real coffee.

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The large dial on the front can get extremely stiff after use and takes a strong hand to free it up again. I've had it a year now and it does make a lovely crema and it heats up very quickly.

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Trevor Hames

Great machine. I also have the Delongi bean to cup machine which is more convenient, but the Dualit is excellent. Higly recommend it as a less expensive option.

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Espressivo - great crema. Not pleased with one major drawback (or is it a fault?). When the Filter Holder is removed the filter cup is totally sodden and you have to dig out the grains with a spoon. On my previous machine this was always almost-dry after switching to steam, and the grains could be simply tapped out as a single lump out of the filter cup (like a jelly mould). Is the sodden result normal?

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Stopped working after 6 months and Dualit wouldn't repair. Extremely poor Customer Service. We were told it was probably a limescale problem and not their fault. Warranty was worth nothing. Was great until it stopped working but expensive coffee if it only lasts 6 months. Wouldn't buy any Dualit product with that attitude

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Absolutely awful customer Service. Broke down after 2 months and Dualit wouldn.t repair. Major problem with limescale.

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Great until stopped working then as other reviews have commented Dualit won't repair. Never experienced this sort of problem with anything still under Warranty. I will be buying a Baby Gaggia, great reviews

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angela kinane

Makes great coffee and is quick. It is a shame that the coffee grains are left so wet and harder to clean out. Instead of tapping them out into the compost bin they have to be washed down the sink.

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My Espressivo which is my pride and joy, broke down after 9 months (my fault, I live in a hard water area and didn't descale properly. I contacted Dualit who couldn't have been more helpful and offered to repair if I returned it. The repair cost £20 the return carriage to Ireland £15. Now that's what I call service given that I caused the problem in the first place. I now descale fortnightly!

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