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Sony PS3 Super Slim

Tuesday 09 October 2012


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The basics

Say hello to the Sony PS3 Super Slim, Sony’s third generation model of its hit PS3 games console. There’s absolutely no change to the software: it’s still a games machine with smart TV skills and a 3D Blu-ray drive. But this time round it’s smaller and lighter: it clocks in at just 2.1kg, a huge drop down from the 4.7kg of the very first PlayStation 3. Is that enough to stay relevant with a PS4 around the corner?

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The good

Sony’s kept some of the best bits about the PS3 - like the easy to reach USB ports and swappable hard drive (Although 500GB will be enough for all but the biggest video hoarders) and trimmed everything down.

Measuring 290 x 230 x 60mm, the new PS3 Super Slim is as wide as its predecessor, but several inches less deep, and slightly thinner. It’s impressive that Sony’s managed to whittle it down so much, although we do wonder how much smaller still it could get if Sony moved the power brick from inside to the cable, like Microsoft does with the Xbox 360.

You won’t notice any major speed improvements over previous generations, but the PS3 Super Slim is blessedly quiet compared to the first generation PS3, which sounded like a Harrier Jump Jet taking off, even in the middle of a noisy shoot’em up.

Did we mention it’s a PS3? We won’t go into much detail about the software and games here since Sony has changed nothing on that front. The PS3 Super Slim has access to thousands of blockbuster games, and just about every video demand service under the sun. By now you’ve probably made your allegiance though, and the new PS3 Super Slim won’t change that.

The bad

The PS3 Super Slim is lighter, yes, and smaller, just. But, well, that’s about it. It’s slightly quieter than the second generation PS3, but otherwise identical. You get two USB ports on the front, but no support for PS2 games like you did with the first PS3 models. And with the glossy black plastic, it looks a lot cheaper.

Worse still, the disc tray is a real let down. This isn’t a slot-loading one that sucks in and spits out discs correctly. It’s a cheap old do-it-yourself job, with a slide-off tray. So that eject button on your PS3 remote control? Yeah, that doesn’t work anymore. And you can now hear the disc reading noises since it’s all going on much closer to the surface.

We’ve also come to expect a nice big price cut with every refinement of this generation’s consoles, but, well, that hasn’t really happened here. You can pick up the 500GB PS3 Super Slim for £249, but the second generation model with a still hearty 320GB of storage now goes for £199.99 on Amazon. It’s a tough sell against that, and the £140 4GB Xbox 360.

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The bottom line

While we love the Sony PS3, and how it’s evolved to become so much more than a games machine, we’re not too impressed with this model, which is cheaper without Sony really passing on the savings.

There’s absolutely no reason to upgrade from the second generation PS3 slim to this, but owners of the 2006 classic chunkster console might relish the lack of turbine noise in their living room. Come back when you’ve got something as small as the PS2 Slim next time please Sony.

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Will PS3 Fat 80gb hard drive fit in the Super Slim? Because I want to buy super slim 12GB !

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Loads of people will disagree with me but i like the disc tray because i watched a video to see how strong it is and he droped a hammer from 4ft and it didnt break. And slimer means better

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Have purchased the slim following a move to the US and must say that I was terribly disappointed in the top loading function. Just hate it frankly. I feel like its stepped back 10 years in development. Why did you do it Sony? Seriously thought about taking it back and picking up the older one.

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I've just upgraded my 2006 60GB Phat PS3 to the 12GB PS3 Super Slim, and I'm actually quite disappointed. Really don't like the disk tray, and to be honest, I must have the quietest 2006 PS3 ever made, as it makes as little noise as the 2012 PS3 does.

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Will PS3 Fat 60gb hard drive fit in the Super Slim 12GB !

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The fat PS3 Hard drive does fit into the 12gb Super Slim, but you will need to buy a new hard drive mounting bracket which sell for around 9.99. You will have to buy that bracket either way if you wanted to insert a hard drive in the 12GB. Or you can put an SSD instead as I have done = dead silence and no heating, faster loads.

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Callum Gibson

this is the most misleading report EVER !!! and also they are rubbishing this alot as they ovb are xbox360 fanboy / fan girl . gadgetshow your terrible with your facts and un fair to this review even i can do a way much better review

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Stick to your xbox 360 jason. You are a fanboy and your review of the super slim ps3 is unfair.

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@ Callum G, before you write that review you need to get it into your head that, 'alot' isn't a word and that goes for half the blogging nation! Look up the correct instances of using, 'your and you're' and you might be 10% ready to write a bad review at best. As for the rest of you, does it play your games properly? Stop moaning about features you knew it had before you purchased it. It's like buying a pair of socks and saying you don't like how they conform to the shape of your feet. Research, test, look, question and THEN buy. I own the slim version and can't fault it because I don't care if the load mechanism is automatic or if I have to, shock, horror, place the disc myself. There's virtually no noise, no more than your average 'anything that spins a disc or hard drive' noise output and let's face it, if you can hear it then your TV isn't loud enough. People would enjoy their tech more if they would just sit back and be happy they are lucky enough to afford it. If you're not happy, give it to the kid who's parents can't afford one. I'm sure he won't care about the noise/shape/durability/functions etc. he will be glad just to have it!

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cheryl hadden

Got this for my xmas in 2012 - loved it everything about it apart from the disc tray felt like I had a ps one again ? .. bought my bf a couple of games xmas 2013 the day my warranty ran out on it problems started and surprise surprise laser issues (not impressed sony!!) phoned told it would be cost about £150+ to repair it when you can buy one from ebay for £15-£20. Would defo not recommend the super slim ps3 waste of time and money and after I replaced the laser by myself the whole thing has now shut itself down and will turn on for 3 secs and then completely turn off lights go out and everything. Opened the ps3 back up again and everything looks in tack !! Defo not worth the money or your time people !!

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