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PlayStation Vita

Thursday 01 March 2012


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The basics

The PlayStation Vita is Sony’s latest handheld gaming device and true successor to the PSP range. It's the most powerful dedicated gaming console on the market capable of delivering a console-like experience on-the-go. It has two quad core processors, a 5-inch OLED touchscreen display, dual analogue sticks, and for the first time on any console, a rear touchpad inventing new ways to play. It is available now in Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi versions.

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The good

From the moment you switch it on, you realise the PlayStation Vita is unlike any handheld before it. Graphically it’s the most powerful there has ever been. Its OLED touchscreen is a sight to behold, giving games a beautiful console-like sheen. The touchscreen itself works wonderfully well and is highly sensitive, with no noticeable lag whatsoever. Just try playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss and attempting not to fall in love with its display.

In fact, the device overall is, as you’d expect from Sony, incredibly well-built. The PlayStation Vita feels solid and the controls feel great. The analogue sticks could have a little less give to them, but are still well-constructed. The fact that there are two of them, unlike on the Nintendo 3DS is, quite frankly, a godsend, making gameplay infinitely more comfortable. The PlayStation Vita is a joy to use even for long periods of play. The same cannot be said for the Nintendo 3DS.

In a first for handheld gaming, Sony has developed a rear touchpad to deliver a new way of playing games. At this moment in time not every game makes use of this, but from experience playing LittleBigPlanet it’s safe to say that it works very well, and proves to doubters that Sony is just as capable as Nintendo at bringing to the table new innovations. In LittleBigPlanet, the touchpad us used to solve creative puzzles that really make you think about what you’re doing in a way we’ve not seen on a handheld.

Speaking of which, PlayStation Vita has possibly the best launch-line up seen for a console, offering something for everyone. And they aren’t duds either. Launch games include some of gaming’s best known franchises. Day one titles include: uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, WipEout 2048, Motorstorm RC, FIFA Football, Rayman Origins and many more.

The bad

The price to pay for a handheld that offers console-quality graphics is a high cost. The PlayStation Vita costs up to £279 for a 3G version - just as much as a fully-equipped home console, more in fact. You could purchase an Xbox 360 for the price of a PlayStation Vita and still have enough to purchase a game.

The memory cards, too are incredibly costly. Expect to pay up to £27 for an 8GB memory card, or £37 for a 16GB memory card. Games don’t come cheap either. Flagship launch game Uncharted: Golden Abyss will set you back around £36 online, with most games coming in around the plus £30 mark.

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The bottom line

The PlayStation Vita is one pricey bit of kit. But if you can justify the high costs, it is arguably the best handheld gaming experience around.

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Well worth the price tag.

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well worth the price tag! you forgot 2 put about amazons deal: ps vita wifi only + a free 4 gb memory card + rayman origins for only £215!

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I own a ps vita, this is an amazing bit of kit. Forget about the price this handheld does everything. At this moment im writing this coment im actually writing it on my vita! The graphics are absolutly stunning and the rear touchpad is a lovely feature to! If u need an amazing handheld then the ps vita would be perfect for u.

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Sam Murfitt

I just bought a ps vita with the new need for speed game for a total of 217 pounds, which I think is a very reasonable price. Amazing graphics, just a beautiful device!

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Tried a friends vita today - amazing graphics and quality, Escape Plan was veery cute and classy, but Call of Duty: Black Ops was ruined for me by the limited control options. I was unable to get a setup that exactly mimicked what I have used in any other first person shooter I have played since Golden Eye on the N64... Why?!?! Is this a Sony thing or just this game? Shame because the game looks epic, I just couldn't get my head round the controls

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It at is amazing and I'm looking foward to the PS4 because of the wii U like remote controll feature

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Biggest problem with the Vita is the lack of new games,there are very few new titles being released,mostly its HD remakes and psp and psone games,the release list for Europe is very low and after the system has been out over a year that isnt very good,might be some improvement as the sales of the system are improving in Japan after a price drop.

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Had a Nintendo ds, they were no comparison with this step up awesome graphics great responsiveness. Price is worth it as you get desk top capability on the go

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