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Buzz! Quiz World

Monday 30 November 2009


Rating of 5

The basics

With its Muppet-esque host and TV presentation, this is a Saturday night game show on a disc. There are loads of questions (5,000 in fact) and even more to buy from the PlayStation Store. There's added personalisation options – you can build your own player profile, and Buzz will address you by name and make personal asides on your performance. You will need the Buzz! game show controllers to play though.

The good

The huge choice of questions will keep you going for ages. The TV show presentation and the twists of each round, keeps the entertainment coming thick and fast. Rounds with random elements, such as one where players pass a point-deducting ticking bomb to others by getting questions right, ensure competitive know-it-alls don’t dominate the game.

The bad

Play it a lot and eventually you’ll hear the game show host repeating familiar lines.

The bottom line

Quiz games don’t come better than this. No wonder it is The Gadget Show’s number 1 party game.
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