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Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico

Friday 19 September 2008


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The basics

The Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico is a virtually an external 'mini computer'. It functions as an attachment to the current computer programme. It serves as extra memory that will allow users to free up computer memory and boost security. It allows the computer system to run security checks without hampering speed and efficiency of other programmes.
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Graham Tapper

Whilst this device sounds like the answer to a prayer, the reality is very different from the promise. I have this device but in the ExpressCard format rather than the USB and sold under the Disgo brand as the Disgo Gatekeeper Card Pro. It is though, in all other respects the same. My experiences of using this device have been hugely disappointing and monumentally frustrating. I have lost count of the times it has brought my machine to a grinding halt where the only solution has been either to eject it from the machine or at worst to force power it off in order to regain control. Downloading a file from the Internet at all is more often than not blocked, even when the file in question is totally secure. In my opinion the software that runs the device is just far too immature and lacking in user-friendliness. Sadly I have to recommend that potential users give this a wide berth. You can read a full review of this device here:

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could you please advise me on the compatilbility of the yoggie gatekeeper pico and windows 7 os i have read many reviews and find the imformation conflicting thanks yours john

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Bought one over a year ago and it never worked properly, shuts down prematurely. They're not bad at trying to help and even replaced it twice but the latest one has the same problem, it just takes a little longer for it to get upset decpite all the firmware updates etc and even installing a fan next to it!. Prevents wireless printing as well which they've never been able to figure out. Save your cash.

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Avoid this - nothing but trouble, you spend good money on getting a fast broadband connection, then hand over control to another company? Would be crazy even if it worked, but it doesn't. Scour the net & you will see I'm far from being the only one to suffer it's annoying, frustrating endless reinstalling, reinitialising itself, random virus updates - when it does any of these things you cannot get online, so downloads links fail outright. The only way online is to disconnect the device which then means you have less protection (ie NONE!) than you did with whatever you were using before. This was a complete waste of good money, is overpriced, the concept is flawed & it just doesn't work.

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tina wallace

i have a yoggie but can not find any help to sort out why it will not conect, i have followed all the instructions and still it will not connet, can anyone help me before I bin it

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Nice idea and works ok when actually working. Bought one over 3 years ago and have needed it replacing so often I'm yet to make it out of a 12 month guarantee. Think they've gone bust now. The probem with mine seemed to be a bad internal connection so shame it wasn't made better.

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I have the yoggie express card and it works brilliantly and has really speeded up my computer. But it is due for renewal and the UK yoggie pages are now not acessible and I cannot renew. I really do not want to go back to McAfee/Norton etc. but we seem to have been left high and dry

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Just been tryjng to get onto the website and there is a letter saying they've gone bust due to funding. Yoggie have left us in deep doodoo.

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Company appears to have ceased trading and zero employees as a gatekeeper user sharing a heads up.

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Anthony Oliver

I am on my 4th unit due to various faults but I noticed in my logs that I have not recieved an anti-virus update since 6th June 2010. We you go to their website for support it states their have run out of funding.

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My Yoggie has been playing up all week so I went onto the Yoggie website only to find the company has just gone into liquidation and no longer supports the product. I now find myself without virus protection. Take care.......

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I found my yoggie not to bad.Just a pain if i shut my pc down so had to leave in sleep mode.Now as tha've gone bust i've found other anti-virus online which was well recormended.

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