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Samsung N140

Thursday 01 October 2009


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The basics

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Samsung has merely put a new name to an old face with the N140. After all, it’s a 10.1-inch netbook with Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive. However, this 1.3kg netbook brings a few new tricks that makes it worth considering an upgrade.

The good

Samsung pretty much got things right the first time around with its first netbook, the NC10, so it’s no surprise to find the N140 has roughly the same look and feel. Sure, the trackpad has been improved and the mouse buttons now have a better feel to them. What’s more, Samsung has actually beefed up the speakers, making this the first netbook with half-decent audio skills. However, what makes this a worthy upgrade is that you’ll now get well over nine hours from the battery, so you’ll be able to surf the web and stay in touch on Facebook a whole lot longer.

The bad

Samsung has been a bit keen to get this netbook out, so you’ll only find Windows XP in the current version – we’d wait until a Windows 7 version is offered, as it would make this netbook feel a little fresher. You see, the main problem with the N140 is that it’s all about incremental increase. So, while the rest of the netbook world is moving on to 11.6-inch screens and true HD resolutions, the N140 is treading water with a standard 1024 x 600-pixel resolution.

The bottom line

Samsung continues to refine rather than define its netbook range, bringing with it a staid screen but a beefed up battery life, a smoother keypad and the best trackpad on any netbook yet. Sure, there are richer pickings elsewhere but for reliability and battery life, the N140 ticks all the boxes.
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Just bought it and it has all positives. It also has WiFi 'n' Draft. Talking of screen size, I beg to differ strongly - A netbook has to be 10.1" at best and anything beyond this like the 11.6 doesn't qualify as a netbook by any definition. Am sorry but I think 10.1 or 10.2 inches at best defines a netbook - anything bigger should be aptly called a portable-notebook. I think Samsung has dished its last Atom N 270 and given it all the possible bells n whistles at a very good price.

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looks preety good for its price but the screen is 2 small. and where is the webcam. It cant keep up with its rivals so for that reason i woudnt by it.

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Nick, if you look at the picture closely, you'll see the webcam built into the frame, just above the screen. I own an NC10 and it's nothing short of amazing. I have a full sized Dell for regular home use, but popping down to watch TV I'd take the Samsung with me everytime. And travelling? 10.1" screen and 1.3Kg is perfect - throw it in your rucksack, take a portable DVD drive with you or simply download a movie to the HDD.

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Looks pretty good, im considering buying one

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look at the toshiba nb200 with 9cell battery excellent graphics sound and a 250memory for £270

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i have the samsung n110 its great , 250 gb hdrive, 1gb ram (bit bad but suppose its ok) windows 7 starter , intell atom inside and an AMAZING 9.5 hours battery life , i think thats a great bargain at only £330 (bought mine from comet one month after it was made as it sayed on the bottom nov 2009 and i bought mine beggining of december 2009)

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The Unkown

i would really like one of these becuase i'm going to do GCSE ICT, and i'm a perfectionist. i don't know about the price though was thinking about getting a cheaper (but just as reliable) netbook. As for only have XP i don't mind that as i'm used it it and do just as well with the old software as i do with the new.

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Jake Stanton

Just bought the samsung N150, the upgraded version with windows seven for around £280. I think its a brilliant netbook and being a student perfect for portability and schoolwork. Additionally its good for all socail things like facebook. I was considering a dell inspiron mini but only after the first week I think its very good. Maybe not ideal for gamers and movie fans purely for the screen size but its not what I bought it for. Jake

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how much?

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Mark Morris

We have the NC10 and it's a great little machine, it's nice to see the small things improved from it such as the speakers and what it already a really good trackpad. I will be getting the next incarnation myself when I go off to uni in September 2011. Be warned though, think about what you will want to use it for coz some programs will NOT run below a resolution of 1074x768 and the NC10 and N140 only has a resolution of 1074x600, so if it's going to be your sole machine think about what you're likely to run on it.

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look very slick and stylish. might consider getting it. also only 189.90 at with windows 7 starter. but still looking around for more of these netbooks to compare. i wish all netbooks could somehow be registered onto this website so they can all be reviewed/ overview at the least

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The best you can offer is a review of one netbook? great at the time but now surpassed in terms of value and features - I bought an Asus 1005PE this weekend for £210 (normally around £240) - has Win 7, 250GB HDD, bluetooth and built in mobile broadband (just add sim) - it also carries a 2 year worldwide waranty. The N140 is not available new for less then £240 and is just too average to reccomend.

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Gadget Show Fan

Bought the N110 12 months ago based on gadget show info an I am very happy with machine and can happily recomend it to anyone. IF i was looking for an upgrade I would certainly go for the samsung N140. Also agree with the comments about the screen size by Bobby.

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Duncan '' Woodward

I have the Samsung N145 Plus which is a newer version of the same thing. Better CPU, Windows 7 (even though it's only Starter edition), 250GB HDD, excellent battery life and ultra-portability. Being an IT technician, I was looking for a netbook that had some upgradability .... the Samsung range of netbooks all seem to have the RAM sockets easily accessible so a RAM upgrade is possible .... I upgrade my N145 Plus from 1GB to 2GB which really helped performance. As well as that I upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and discovered this nice little netbook can handle the advanced 'Aero Experience' that Windows 7 has to offer (so you get all the funky GUI effects in Windows when moving a window or minimizing it etc.) I'd definitely recommend a Samsung netbook, but the N140 is a bit old hat now. The N145 Plus or the N150 is the way to go.

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joe nolan

people who own this laptop please can you tell me how much you had to pay for it because i an thinking of buying one

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very satisfied with it, i recommend it

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i would love one but i dont know enough infrmation to get one and safely know it will be up to my standards.

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If you are having trouble playing iPlayer on your N-140, try right clicking the battery metre (bottom right), click power options, then choose high performance. After a couple of weeks of stress this instantly solved the issue. Did previously upgrade ram to 2GB (£16) so that might also be helping. Now that's done I am much happier with my purchase. Picked one up off ebay for £130.

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