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Apple MacBook Pro Core i7 Laptop

Monday 06 June 2011


Rating of 5

The basics

The latest generation of Apple MacBook Pro may look almost identical to previous models, but there's a gulf between them when it comes to performance. With the latest and fastest components to go with the excellent build quality, the Pro definitely has the power to match its good looks.

The good

The latest Apple MacBook Pro is an amazing piece of kit. It really is one of the nicest laptops on sale when it comes to quality, with a tough aluminium casing that feels stronger than any of its rivals. The glass screen also adds a touch of class. The screen is brighter and more colourful than every before, with images looking stunningly crisp and vibrant. Movies look excellent, as do photographs, and it's a joy to work on. Comfort is also high on the agenda, with the keyboard proving comfortable, well made and responsive. The glass touchpad still leads the pack, with its multi-touch support proving an ideal way to navigate the Apple OS. Performance is equally good, thanks to the inclusion of the latest generation of Intel Core processors. Our 2GHz Core i7 review machine may only have come with 4GB of memory, but it's every bit fast enough to carry out any task, with the machine also turning off virtually instantly, and turning on in seconds.

The bad

Unlike most Apple models, the latest generation MacBook Pro is actually slightly thicker than previous models – at least in 15-inch guise. It's not all bad though, as the extra depth is because of a larger integrated battery. We've easily managed to get over five hours of run time too, with the screen turned up bright, Wi-Fi on and carrying out intensive tasks. As with older models, the MacBook Pro is still lacking in ports – we'd prefer more than two USB ports, or at least for them to be placed further apart so it's possible to connect more than one bulky peripheral.

The bottom line

We love the Apple MacBook Pro. It looks great, build quality is beyond any of its rivals, and it has the performance to match. It's a shame the company hasn't updated the styling from previous models, but there's virtually nothing to dislike.
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