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Alienware M17x

Thursday 28 April 2011


Rating of 4

The basics

The Alienware M17x is one of the most powerful laptops on the planet. It features graphics performance that puts most PCs to shame, and you can easily play the latest games on the move. Just don't plan on travelling too far, as it's also one of the bulkiest machines around.

The good

The keyboard is one of the best features on the Alienware M17x. The keys feature a soft-touch covering, and the typing action feels easily tough enough to withstand hours of gaming. It also offers backlighting, with the ability to change colours, so you'll be able to play games all night long. The materials used are amazing throughout, with an all-metal chassis that smacks of high quality. It really does feel like a laptop which will last forever, however much you use it. The screen on the M17x is an absolute stunner. It features a high-definition 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution, that's absolutely perfect for games or movies. The sky is also pretty much the limit when speccing the Alienware M17x. You can pick from a range of Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors, including the high-speed quad-core Core i7 9400XM, and you can also have an amazingly fast ATi Mobility Radeon HD5870 graphics card.

The bad

The Alienware M17x may be a great gaming machine, but it's not a good laptop. It's simply too large to carry around with you, and the battery life isn't up to much either. That said, it's still easy to pack in a draw once you've finished playing.

The bottom line

We like the Alienware M17x. If you're looking for a gaming laptop, then few choices are better than this. It's amazingly well made, powerful, well-specced and comfortable. It's just not that portable.
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Please gimme one for free please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Graham Hainke

Hello , I had one of the latest M17rx2 alienware laptops. It was very powerful computer it ran all the games that I have. It run a little hot with amd grahpics card. The preferance would have been the 460 gtx card. The alienware is on the heavy side. But thats ok. The worse thing that happened to me was the computer graphics card overheated after six months of playing constant gaming. I would have to say that once the computer was pulled apart to be fixed by the dell engineer it never worked again properly. After six months ringing the tech on the phone and sending it back to be fixed which they assured me it would be. It wasn't to be. The techs who are dell have no idea how to fix the Alienware laptops. After another 3 months I did get a refund. The after service of Dell is not the best. They really need to fix the issues surrounding the after sales.

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This is an amazing machine, but in the end it's a dell! As a good, cheaper alternative have a look at the MSI GX640-098US.

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Once they can teach this to cook my dinner, the wifes toast !!!

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wish I could have something like this I play world of warcraft with my big brother but my laptop is really slow and more for looking on youtube and facebook.

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i might be getting the smaller one, the M11X

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Got myself an M17x R3 off ebay, brand new in the box for a steal. slammed an extra 8GB in it, bit of a chore accessing the slots under the keyboard, and a couple of SSD's. Boots from hibernation in 2 seconds and 30 seconds from cold. A very well put together machine, excellent connectivity. Windows doesn't have all the drivers ans as mine came without a disk I needed to get them from Dells website. The HD screen is very bright and crisp, my only two grumbles are the slot loading blu ray drive, would have preferred if it were removable and that it is very power hungry and get through a battery in less than 90 mins if you have all the bells and whistles on with out being connected to the mains. Overall the Alienware M17X R3 is outstanding, even more so as I saved over £500 by not getting it direct.

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this computer is astonishing as long as you take 15 min breaks every hour.

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!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! Do not get one. The graphics cards put in the M17x run so hot. Crash after crash and trust me I have tried everything. I have spent a year trying to sort it with dell. Over a grand of laptop and it did not last 18 months.

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Im a big gamer i play Xbox 360 but my friends are PC gamers

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really want one

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Heavy product

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For the price it costs I have never thought of getting this Gaming laptop. My friend owns one but he says he had to buy another laptop for travelling because the M17x was simply too massive and heavy to carry everywhere. I would recommend this product but my tip is: Get another laptop for travelling! TheWitchDoctor

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