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Epson Stylus Photo PX700W

Monday 15 December 2008


Rating of 4

The basics

The Stylus Photo PX700W uses Epson's Micro Piezo print head technology to produce photos in just 17 seconds. You can print directly from a Pictbridge-enabled camera or the integrated memory card reader. The Stylus Photo PX700W has integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection and integral scanner and copier functions. It measures 446x385x150mm.

The good

Forget the paperless office, it’s the wireless office we can’t wait for. The Wi-Fi wonder that is the PX700W can be placed almost anywhere you want, sucking snaps from your computer through the ether or straight from memory cards and PictBridge cameras. Colours from Epson’s Claria inks are strong, natural and rated fade-free for 200 years in a photo album – which should give you great-great-great-grandkids something to sue about if you’ve gone all wishy-washy. There’s an optional Bluetooth adaptor for £25, too.

The bad

Unlike its prints, the plasticky Photo Stylus itself is unlikely to be around in 200 years – take care with its flimsy paper tray, particularly. And much as we like the flexibility of having six inks, at nearly a tenner a shot, filling up this Epson printer is about as painful as taking the Escalade down to BP.

The bottom line

Everything you need to turn your computer into a wireless home office, except a saucy secretary with a flirtatious phone manner. It’s fast, efficient and easy to use – although big-shots might also consider its big brother, the PX800W, which adds fax, a bigger screen and document feeder for about another £100.
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John Pallister

I like this overall but...if one cartridge is empty printer is useless not even if you want only black so if you dont have spares your hosed

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Just found a problem which Epson help desk did not help much with. Take it to a repairer they said. Never worth the cost I said. Printing out a photo.....first run prints 10% of whole...2nd run prints 80% of whole....3rd run prints whole photo. Left me wondering why Epson brought out the PX710W right on the heals of this PX700W.

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Funny I have the same experience as john NOT IMPRESSED and as for inks WHAT A RIP!

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I like better HP C309G Photosmart then epson and Canon PIXMA MP990

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Peter Sanders

Had mine around 12 months, its great. I had a lot of trouble initially with cartridges, but since I bought a CIS (Continuous inkflow system) of ebay, there are lots for this model for less than the price of a whole set of Epson cartridges its been very stable, and produces fantastic prints. I have not run out of my originally supplied (6 x 100ml) CIS inks yet, but just bought my standby inks for £11.99 for 6 x 100ml. I do profile my own paper and inks and get top quality results. With the CIS you can SEE your ink levels and should never run out, this is the future I suggest.

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Ali Nicoll

Prints and copies okay. Wifi repeatly drops and require re-connection via set-up. If your not going to use it with WiFi then fine, otherwise buy something else.

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