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Canon Pixma iP4600

Monday 15 December 2008


Rating of 5

The basics

Canon’s range-topping inkjet photo printer produces photo-quality prints in approximately 20 seconds. Thanks to PictBridge technology you can print direct from compatible digital cameras. It has a max speed of 26 black and white pages per minute and 21 colour pages per minute.

The good

Why spend hundreds on a sparkling high-resolution camera and then print out photos on the plasticky inkjet you got free with your computer? Canon’s flagship photo printer treats your masterpieces with the respect they deserve, lavishing on them five separate inks (including a rich dye-based black) that should shimmer fade-free for over a century. Picolitre drops mean pin-sharp detail, and you can swap out individual cartridges (and even the print head) to keep running costs under control. It’s great at text printing, too, firing out crisp documents at 12 pages a minute.

The bad

This is a stripped-down photo-making machine, with none of the all-in-one extras like scanning, photocopying or even printing direct from memory cards (although there is a PictBridge port). It’s not wireless like many of the newer printers, either.

The bottom line

Less of a computer accessory than a photographer’s best friend, the iP4600 dishes up some of the tastiest looking inkjet prints we’ve seen – and at a superb price.
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Derek Agar

The iP4600 came out just after I bought the iP4500, which annoyed me especially as I had asked Canon if the 4500 was about to be superceded prior to purchase. However, after checking the specifications of both printers the 4500 comes out on top. Canon obviously tried to cut costs (in my opinion)! One thing not mentioned in the review - you can print straight onto printable DVD/CD's. I always swore by Epson, but after trying the Canon - no contest.

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I know this is a year later, I have one of these and the good is its a good all round printer when it gets round to it. but the bad is the tiny ink cartridges and the fact it goes into cleaning cycle before and after print runs, you need to enable fast print to get one quicker than 3-5 minutes. Because it is constantly cleaning the inks last a very short time and I very rarely print colour, so waiting time and high running costs

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Albert Kitson

This printer has excellent printouts but takes ages preparing to print it is so annoying having to wait minutes whilst it whirrs into action. Compatable ink cartridges are now available to reduce running costs and print quality is still good I wouldn't recommend this printer because of the waiting times

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Jon Kirkham

I get excellent results from my printer, I have also fitted a continuous ink system, best £65 I've sent it lasts a whole lot longer than £65 of single cartridges

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