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Vitamin D Video

Tuesday 30 March 2010


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The basics

This surveillance software, capable of running on both PC and Mac detects people and moving objects using USB or network cameras. Its clever technology means it won't mistake pets or small objects for humans. A highlights reel means you'll only be scanning caught footage featuring human movement. Not boring footage where nothing happened, as is the case with conventional security cameras.
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yeah,brill product!1 took a while to get the hang of but after that it was realy easy and simple to use, can see the uses of this product but cant help but feel it is more a professional product. over all very impressed!!!

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it’s a nice piece of software but the best tool is Dvtech Software which it’s also free with tons of features

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@Shuky. Dvtech DOES NOT work with Macs and requires you to use Internet Explorer so therefore it is not the best tool for Mac users.

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