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TechniSat HDFS

Tuesday 10 May 2011


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The basics

As the name suggests, the TechniSat HDFS is a Freesat box, which requires a connection to a satellite dish – but no monthly subscription. It offers free-to-air HD channels as well as a wide range of standard definition material, and supports recording via its USB ports.

The good

There’s a good deal of flexibility on show here, despite the relatively low price tag. The USB ports and card reader (which supports Compact Flash, SD, MMS and Memory Stick cards) allow you to view digital photos and videos and listen to MP3s – and hooking up a storage drive to one of the USBs lets you record TV shows. You can stream media from your PC too, thanks to an Ethernet connection. Image quality is superb – the crisp edges and accurate colour reproduction almost matches those of the significantly pricier Humax Foxsat-HDR. And despite the humble pricetag, build quality is reassuringly sturdy.

The bad

The only major drawback is the single tuner, which means if you do decide to use the TechniSat HDFS as a PVR you can’t watch one channel while recording another. But honestly, the recording option should be viewed as a bonus feature – if you want a PVR, buy a proper PVR.

The bottom line

If you’re just looking for a reliable, affordable and well-designed Freesat HD box and aren’t overly bothered about recording, the TechniSat HDFS fits the bill like a tailored glove. There’s no better model at the price.
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Roy Wall

The HDFS will not talk to a computer running Windows 7. This is a problem. The lack of second tuner is not a problem because the box will almost certainly be used with a TV that can receive Freeview, i.e., allowing the box to record something different to what is being viewed.

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Roy Wall

Actually, the Windows 7 problem is not too much of a problem for me cos I've found out from Technisat that the recordings on an attached disk drive are encrypted because Freesat requires it. So I can't access them in order to produce Bluray and/or DVD copies of recordings.

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what HD channels does it actually receive

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