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Humax Foxsat-HDR

Monday 13 April 2009


Rating of 5

The basics

The Humax Foxsat-HDR is a High Definition (1080i) Freesat set-top box with 320GB hard drive, twin tuners and HDMI, Scart or component output. Standard definition shows can be up-scaled or backed up to USB drive, and the optical audio out can handle full Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

The good

This monstrous Hi-Def recorder delivers stunning playback and pixel-perfect recording of the Freesat BBC and ITV HD channels, together with top notch upscaling of SD output. Build quality is first class – the Humax uses a fraction of the power of a Sky HD box on stand-by – and even the clear EPG is available in 1080i resolution. The 320GB hard drive will store around 80 hours of HD shows or 200 hours of normal programming, and if that’s not enough you can plug a USB key to back up your favourite shows.

The bad

The big downside of the Freesat is that you’ll need to install a dish – budget around £75 for installation, although an old Sky dish should also do the trick. The line-up of HD services is currently very limited, especially compared to Sky’s ever-expanding portfolio of sports and movies, but remember – there’s no subscription to pay.

The bottom line

If there weren’t a ban on hunting with dogs, Murdoch himself would be dressed up like a toff and stalk this crafty fox. It’s cheaper and greener than the Sky HD service, with a huge hard drive, great connections and brilliant audiovisuals.
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Dont pay to get someone to fit a dish you can get a dish, sat finder, this receiver and qaud lnb on amazon for £300, finding signal is easy. Just point dish towards every other in neighbourhood and use sat finder. Will be up and running in 15 mins. A great peice of kit.

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another fantastic addition to my home cinema set up ,this piece of kit through my tosh mt-700 720p projector ,suits me sir

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This is an excellent piece of kit!! Highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to go down the SKY route.

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Fabulous system, extremely user friendly, installed in an afternoon. Lovely to record films, and programmes and watch them when I want to - hard drive is big enough to keep films on, unlike the Sky one, and of course there's no subscription. Picture quality is wonderful, although only able to get the BBC HD channel at the moment, but no doubt that will improve, and a big plus is the lack of subscription. Warmly recommend to anyone.

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Have just bought this - after Sky informed me that my basic subscription is going up again in january. All we ever recorded and series linked were terrestrial channels anyway!! This is one great piece of kit - picture quality is excellent - marginally better than Sky although noticeably better on HD. One small downside is not all the freeview channels are on Freesat yet (Dave for example) but you do have the option for "non-freesat mode" (450 channels to trawl through). I am sure many people will start analysing how much they actually watch the "Sky" channels and make a sensible choice. I am also sure that more freeview channels will go on Freesat soon. Finally this was a doddle to set up - plugged in my old sky dish and 5 minutes later all done.

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Great piece of kit easy to install shame about the garbled manual its a mess all over the place for instructions.

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is this a freeview box and a freesat box, it seems to be only the latter, but it is in the freeview section

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this humax is the best pvr i have had its never froze unlike the 6 thomson pvr i had over 1 year although more expensive its worth it great hd thats FREE never missed any programs not as easy as the to set up as the freeview pvr but well worth the time and money even though i had to have a dish put up pity you cant get all the freeview channels such as dave and some music channels but the hd makes up for this

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Can i get Freeview signal in Germany. At the moment i am watching the FTA channels ie: BBC 1 - 4, ITV 1 - 4, FIVE etc: via the Astra 2 28.2 east

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Can i get Freesat signal in Germany. At the moment i am watching the FTA channels ie: BBC 1 - 4, ITV 1 - 4, FIVE etc: via the Astra 2 28.2 east

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I like many others made the leap from Sky to the Humax, fantastic bit of kit and no subscription. Pro's: Amazing quality, huge hard drive BBC & ITV HD And it also comes with a CoAxial, scart and HDMI cable free with it! how many other manufacturers throw all that in? Cons: Remote is not as intuative and needs more aiming than sky Not all freeview channels are on freesat

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Best thing about this is being able to copy HD1080 data from a pc to the drive via usb. requires a little converting but worth it to be able to watch it on a big tv.

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Wonderful bit of kit and Great to get HD sports for free. Speaking at the start of the season though-When will they introduce a pay view option for footy? so as to challenge the less reputable current providers in the UK.

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you guys are so right

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Kelly and Alex

We had Sky before and we wished we would have kept it. This one is sooooo hard to use :L It takes about 2 days to get the knack !

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got two of the later models great units ,unlike the freetime unit which failed to record some programs .went back to these . worth getting

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