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Apple TV (New) UK Edition

Tuesday 02 November 2010


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The basics

Apple TV is a tiny box of electronics that lets you stream movies and TV shows from your laptop or computer to your TV. However, while US customers can rent and stream TV programmes from the web, in the UK you'll be limited to your own movie collections.

The good

Apple TV is small. Incredibly small, and the whole thing can fit comfortably on the palm of your hand. It's smaller than the previous version, and will look gorgeous when sat next to your HDTV. With Apple TV, there's no need to worry about copying your movies and TV series to DVD. Instead, you'll be able to stream all your media content straight from your laptop or computer to your TV, without having to use wires. Apple TV comes with a dinky remote control as standard – and anybody that's used an Apple iPod within the last decade will recognise the button layout and control method. Better yet, you'll even be able to control Apple TV with your Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch or Apple iPad.

The bad

The new Apple TV doesn't currently offer the ability to rent and download TV programmes. This wouldn't be quite so bad if the feature wasn't offered on the previous generation Apple TV, or across the pond where US users can download to their hearts content. Fingers crossed that Apple will fix this soon.

The bottom line

Apple TV is a great product if you have lots of media content on your laptop and want to watch it on the big screen. It's a shame functionality has been compromised over the older Apple TV, however, and there's little incentive for current users to upgrade. We'd be tempted to hold off until the new model lets you rent TV programmes as well, so you won't just be restricted to your own media collection.
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This for me is the most frustrating Apple release yet in the UK. If you can get your hands on the old Apple TV (160gb) its only £60 more and does a lot more!

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Kieron mc


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I've had it three days and so far - good to steam different family user Photo Streams direct from iCloud, also useful as a media hub for iTunes.

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Got a loan of the Apple Tv, Great for streaming from the My I Tunes Library. Went to Rent Movie, sat back and waited and waited, then a window popped up stating , it would take 8. 5 Hours. Hd 4.5 Gb. Gave Up and sent module packing !! There isn`t any information on theApple Tv Box or web site, informing users of the Minimum Speed required for this Product:

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I'm looking into buying this product but I'm having mixed messages, some say it's good and others say its bad. Please help me gadget show!!!

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David Daniels

Can I watch BBC iPlayer by streaming from my iPad app - I have heard different responses on this? If so, then great, but if not, then I won't bother getting this.

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