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Sony PlayStation 3D Display

Tuesday 24 April 2012


Rating of 3

The basics

The PlayStation 3D Display was originally unveiled at E3 2011 as a television built by Sony targeted at gaming fans. Priced at £449, the Sony PlayStation 3D Display has a 23.5-inch 3D and full HD 1080p display, two HDMI inputs, a pair of 3D shutter glasses and copies of Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3. A ‘SimulView’ feature lets two players play on the same screen at once using two pairs of glasses, eliminating the need to split the screen.

The good

The Sony PlayStation 3D Display set is gorgeous to look at. Looking like a PSP, this is one stylish television set, with hints of console-like design on the base: only the PlayStation logo hints that this set was designed for the passionate gamer. The matte plastic stand won’t be to all tastes, but it has its own appeal. The supplied 3D glasses are also well-built, and feel durable in the hand and when worn during gameplay. The good news is that SimulView really works to a tee. Without the need to split the screen, players have more freedom to play. When the alternative is either split screen, or playing in another room or at another television set, it’s easy to see SimulView’s big appeal. Unfortunately the 3D effect is not applied to SimulView mode. 3D is applied to regular one-player action. As expected of Sony display, 3D works very well. The Sony PlayStation 3D Display has a very glossy screen, that appears to work in favour here, making for bright 3D images. A headphone jack round the back is much appreciated, letting owners play those 3D games in peace and quiet, without disturbing anyone.

The bad

Built for bedrooms, its 23.5-inch size may seem practical, but don’t think about plonking it in the living room. It’s just too small to really appreciate some games the way they are meant to be played. The 3D effect is good, but disappears during SimulView. While Sony already made this clear it’s a bit of a shame. And while the set offers bright images, it is still far too glossy, resulting in lots of glare in bright conditions. Don’t think about placing the Sony Playstation 3D Display near a window in direct sunlight. Only in darker rooms does picture quality look its best. Sony does not package a remote with the set. Instead owners must reach around the back to adjust its settings.

The bottom line

While Sony is to be commended for building a display to gamers it isn’t quite the entertainment behemoth some will have expected. It offers little in the way of extra features, and since its announcement TVs have gone down in price. Looking elsewhere feels like the better option.
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