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Sony KDL-46HX853

Tuesday 22 May 2012


Rating of 5

The basics

The Sony KDL-46HX853 is a 46-inch LED 3D full high definition 3D TV with built in Wi-Fi and Sony Internet TV to use Smart TV apps. The Sony KDL-46HX853 also features an energy-saving LED frame dimming feature that adjust backlight levels to suit what’s on screen with low energy consumption levels. It has four HDMI inputs, Ethernet, two USB ports, SCART and one headphone output.

The good

With high-end features come high-end looks. The Sony KDL-46HX853 is a gorgeous TV fit to be the centerpiece of any home cinema. It combines Sony’s preference for solid clean lines without sacrificing on the latest top tech. A generous array of connections ensures that you can plug in a number of HD compatible devices such as games consoles and Blu-Ray players using any of the four HDMI inputs. Wi-Fi lets you add the Sony KDL-46HX853 to your home DLNA to play back music, films and view photos from your private media library wirelessly. And then you’ve got access to movie and TV show streaming services such as LoveFilm, Netflix, YouTube, and various sports services. Even Twitter and Skype. The Sony KDL-46HX853 has everything you could need to be entertained, even if there’s nothing to watch on the TV and when there is, picture quality is tremendous. The Sony KDL-46HX853 uses a dimming feature to enhance the contrast of the picture to suit whatever is being watched. The results are pictures that consistently look pin sharp. Colours look just as they should and blacks look solid and crisp, not dull and washed out in grey like on some rival TV sets. The Sony KDL-46HX853 also copes superbly with fast Hollywood action scenes, with no sign of judder. 2D and 3D pictures look great. The Sony KDL-46HX853 also happens to sound amazing, too, making it an even better proposition for nights in with a bowl of popcorn and a movie.

The bad

Unfortunately, Sony does not include a pair of 3D glasses with the Sony KDL-46HX853, leaving you to cough up the cash for a pair of your own, and if required, the rest of the family. Locating the myriad of apps can also be a cumbersome experience, requiring you to scroll through lots of menus to find what you want. That said, the Sony KDL-46HX853 still offers a tonne of features.

The bottom line

The Sony KDL-46HX853 is one of the best HD televisions around,capable of gracing any living room, packed with features, brilliant picture and sound quality, and well worth stumping up the cash for. It’s just a shame the 3D glasses don’t come included.
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Hi, Does anyone know if there is any difference in sound from the speakers in the plinth for the different sizes of this TV? I am looking at buying the 40" but have only seen reviews for the 46" & 55". Do the speakers have the same amount of volumn of air in the plinth and does this affect the sound quality? Many thanks, Doug

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