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Sharp LC-40LE831E

Wednesday 09 May 2012


Rating of 4

The basics

The Sharp LC-40LE831E is a 40-inch LCD 3D television that displays full HD (1080p) images and has Freeview HD built-in. The Sharp LC-40LE831E also comes with Wi-Fi capability via a USB dongle included in the box. It comes with four HDMI ports, one SCART and a headphone port.

The good

Viewing pictures on the Sharp LC-40LE831E you can immediately see that the vibrancy of colours really stands out. Bright colours such as blues really come alive, even in 3D. The 3D effect is very good indeed. Pictures pop out convincingly as they should without being jarring on the eyes. Where the Sharp LC-40LE831E also shines is in the clarity of its 3D images. 3D TVs often suffer from looking dull when viewed in 3D, but it’s not a problem suffered by the Sharp LC-40LE831E. A superb picture contrast separates shades nicely. And 2D pictures are also very good indeed, making the Sharp LC-40LE831E a top all-rounder. Colours are rich and blacks appear very black indeed. The ability to fire up applications such as Skype using Wi-Fi that comes via a dingle adds extra functionality to a television that for around £500 offers tremendous value for money given its 3D capabilities and size.

The bad

One of the major drawbacks is having to purchase the glasses separately. At £59.99 they don’t exactly come cheap. And you’ll want at least two if you want others to share the 3D experience with you. Wi-Fi built in, instead of having to use a dongle would have been a nice touch but as it stands the Sharp LC-40LE831E still offers great value.

The bottom line

Outstanding picture quality and all-round performance, and value for money make the Sharp LC-40LE831E one of the best bargains around.
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Paul Rowley

Fantastic TV got mine a few months ago for £499.99. Came with 3 sets of 3D glasses in the box and the dongle for wifi connection straight out the box. The picture quality is amazing blu rays and game machines shine and no motion blur as 200hz. There is a option to make 2D images 3D which works really well which I was quiet surprised with. Would highly recommended if your in the market for a new telly and you don't use the 3D on the picture quality alone.

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