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Optoma GameTime GT-7000

Wednesday 19 November 2008


Rating of 4

The basics

The Optoma GameTime GT-7000 is a high-end, HD-ready projector with a 4000:1 contrast ratio and 1,600 lumens. This DLP chip projector throws out a 300-inch, 1280x720 image and comes with 2.1 speakers with an integrated subwoofer. Connection-wise it has S-Video, VGA (SCART with included adapter), Component, analogue video and HDMI.

The good

Designed with blistered-thumbed game addicts in mind, this compact Hi-Def projector comes with some tiny separate speakers and a backpack. Y’know, just in case you want to play Gears of War 2 with the Incas when you’re trekking to Machu Picchu. Set-up is a simpleton’s holiday thanks to its small size, a reasonably short throw distance, and an easy menu layout that lets you quickly tweak the vertical keystone settings for a properly aligned image. Beamed onto a screen or white wall, the 720p picture is a dramatic image with blur-free motion, vivid colours and plenty of detail – ideal for games, in other words.

The bad

Look at the name. This is a gaming projector, and so doesn’t quite have the same excellent performance with movies and TV – the DLP rainbow effect and slightly limited contrast are more prevalent here. It’s not terrible by any means – just not great by projector standards.

The bottom line

The GT-7000 is a fantastic affordable projector for games nuts. Its movie performance could be better, but it’s cheap, portable, easy to use and it produces dramatic HD pictures. Game on!
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