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Samsung UE55ES8000 smart TV

Monday 03 December 2012


Rating of 5

The basics

Say hello to Samsung’s bad boy smart TV. This epic 55-incher has all the works, of course: 3D support, LED backlighting for stunning contrast, a super slim silver frame you’ll barely be able to make out from your perch on the sofa. But it’s also one brainy goggle box, with Samsung’s smart TV app store and services - whatever you’re into you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Bruce Bishton

Ace TV full of tech... Well happy with it... Only thin I would say is the motion sensor needs some more work as it Randomly pops up when you are watching the TV.

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you can turn the motion sensor and voice control off on the settings but i do agree that it does pop up at random times, other then that this tv is spot on!

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Great tv ,we love it ,take's awile to get used to if your not a tecy but so pleased we bought it ,.

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great tv takes time to get used to all its hi tec,.

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