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Samsung PS64D8000

Wednesday 22 June 2011


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The basics

Plasma TVs have tumbled in popularity of late, due to the success of LED rivals, but there are still some fantastic devices on the market. The Samsung PS64D8000 is one such TV, offering 3D technology, internet connectivity and lots more.

The good

For all its features, the best bit about the Samsung PS64D8000 is the picture quality. The plasma screen measures in at 64 inches – big enough to fill even the largest abode – and it offers stunning colour reproduction. Blacks are among the deepest we've seen on any TV, with crisp whites and a great contrast on offer. The Samsung PS64D8000 is packed with other technology too. It features active 3D, and comes with a pair of 3D specs. The Samsung PS64D8000 is also a Full HD TV, offering pin sharp images and an amazing amount of detail. Other features include Samsung's Smart TV tech, letting you get online and check out internet services such as BBC iPlayer, offering online TV and movies. All this is wrapped in an incredibly svelte looking package, with a slimline bezel that hardly stretches beyond the screen itself, and an ultra thin stand that looks more like a piece of art than something functional.

The bad

The Samsung PS64D8000 is a great TV, but it's a shame that you only get one pair of 3D glasses. They're not cheap to buy, and if your friends and family want to join in on the 3D action, then it could cost quite a bit of money.

The bottom line

Although plasma technology may be looked on as old news, for consumers of larger TVs like the Samsung PS64D8000 it makes perfect sense. This TV offers a staggeringly good picture, is relatively affordable for the technology on offer, and would grace even the largest of living rooms.
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i bought the ps64d800 back in january after 2 days the tv broke down.the manager at currys offered a refund , but i requested a new one sincee i got it at sale price and then a further 10% discount. i have to say i already own a top end panasonic plasma but this tv has amazing picture quality even better than panny. and of course the original tv came with 2 pairs of glasses but i also purchased another 2 for a fantastic discounted price of 26 pounds.and when the replacement tv came i got to keep the other 2 pairs of glasses and remote and all the other accessories in the i have 6 pairs of glasses and one of best 3D tvs

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