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Samsung PS50C6900

Monday 28 March 2011


Rating of 5

The basics

This 50-incher actually offers better 3D performance than pricier LCD models, but there’s more to it than that: strong all-round 2D picture quality, smooth motion handling and a winning line-up of features make this one of the finest mid-range models on the market.

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The good

On the 2D front the PS50C6900 offers fantastic detail, realistic colour reproduction and low motion judder, delivering a particularly punchy picture with HD sources. It also offers a very watchable 3D picture that suffers less from the ghosting crosstalk effect (annoying double outlines) than any 3D LCD screen.

Then there’s the raft of features to get excited about, particularly Internet@TV, which is one of the better TV web services and offers access to YouTube, iPlayer, LOVEFiLM, Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, the USB ports let you swiftly hook up a hard disk or storage drive for Sky+ style timeshift recording – very handy indeed.

The bad

There’s not much to pick holes in here, especially at this price, but if you’re looking for optimum black level and contrast performance you’ll probably prefer to spend a little more and go for one of Panasonic’s plasma screens. The speakers are also a little lacking when it comes to bass, so add an external sound system if you want to shake the room.

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The bottom line

It might not be the finest plasma performer in it size bracket, but if you’re looking for an impressive 3D TV with a dizzying array of features you won’t find one cheaper than this. Strong picture quality at a fantastic price.
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staurt p

i need a cheap big plasma tv !

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i need a tv badly mines is broken

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