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Panasonic TX-P50S10B

Monday 22 March 2010


Rating of 3

The basics

This giant 50-inch Panasonic telly offers full high-definition picture quality. It excels at fast action scenes and troublesome black images thanks to its Real Black Drive system. VIERA Link also lets users connect other Panasonic devices such as cameras to display photos and homemade HD videos via its SD card slot.

The good

Despite its rather humble position as an entry-level model in Panasonic’s plasma TV line-up, the TX-P50S10 produces some very impressive pictures. This is mainly down to its top class black level response, which gives darker scenes a level of detail and richness which far surpasses that of most LCD screens, not to mention many rival plasmas. This fine black performance sits alongside good vibrancy and brightness and smooth motion to deliver a very impressive overall picture for an affordable model. This applies for both high definition and standard definition material. Sound quality is also clean and clear by flat screen standards.

The bad

While colour and contrast are pretty darn impressive, the TX-P50S10 suffers from the same problem as a lot of affordable plasmas: its images aren’t quite as finely detailed as those on an equivalent LCD TV. Even HD material, while sharp, lacks the punch it has on other screens, including Panasonic’s pricier Neo PDP plasma models. And despite its motion enhancing tech, there are rival models with less judder-free movement.

The bottom line

While the TX-P50S10 is a strong performer for its price, spending a little more will get you better features and superior picture quality, whether you opt for a plasma or a LCD.
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Had this tv for just over 3 years now...picture quality is great when watching in hd...Had no issues easy to use and looks great...

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