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Panasonic TX-P46G10

Friday 17 April 2009


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The basics

The Panasonic TX-P46G10 is a 46-inch Full-HD plasma television featuring Freesat. It has a 600Hz Sub-field Drive, a dynamic contrast of 2,000,000:1, three HDMI inputs, and measures 1,132x722x106mm and weighs 29kg.

The good

Panasonic wisely chose not to describe its new motion control system as ‘frame dectupling’, possibly because it doesn’t really mean anything but probably because even saying ‘600Hz sub-frame drive’ is quite a mouthful. And you’ll need that mouth to drop your jaw when you see just what Panny’s NeoPDP panel is capable of: midnight black contrast, cheetah-fast action smoothing, over 6000 steps of colour gradation and a 0.001 millisecond response time. The P46G10 has been to fat camp, too, shedding plasma’s traditional excess pounds to weigh in at a svelte 29kg and 11mm thickness. It’s also eco-friendly, thanks extended its display lifetime to over 100,000 hours and halving its power consumption, all while delivering the same brightness as previous models.

The bad

At this price-point, the Panasonic cooks up a storm. Sure, there are the faintest traces of judder and the occasional confused colour, and the speakers are no substitute for a real home cinema system, but it’s otherwise difficult to fault.

The bottom line

Why buy an LCD when Panasonic’s plasma gives better action and better contrast, without the weight or brightness problems of years gone by?
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Is this defianltely better than the sony 46" w5500?...? gonna buy one in the new year

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paul hutchings

get the panasonic i have the tx42g10 and its awsome very very chuffed with it

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Best TV in the world. Has an amazing spec and has revolutionised the TV World

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Peter jat

I've looked all over the net and can't find the TX-P46G10. We're can I buy 1 from??? Thanks. X

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