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Friday 17 February 2012


Rating of 3

The basics

The brand famous for internet radio introduces its music streaming service, offering unlimited music streaming, on-demand radio shows and podcasts from £4.99 per month, or £9.99 to store your favourite songs offline for listening to anywhere, at any time. Pure Music is available on desktop, as an iOS and Android app and compatible Pure Lounge digital radios from Pure.

The good

Pure Music has a great selection of new and old music. A search function lets you peruse thousands of tracks. The most popular tunes, new releases and best-selling artists are all highlighted, so that you shouldn’t have much trouble trying to find what you want. Each search brings up artists, albums and singles for your selection: making it easy to pinpoint a single, or an artists entire body of work. Pure Music also lets you listen to live radio, and on-demand radio shows, documentaries and interviews you may have missed as early as that very afternoon. It’s impressive how fast the on-demand section is to update. Pure Music’s flagship feature is the ability to use the service from any compatible Pure internet radio. On a Pure One Flow we tested the service on, using the service is easily accessed within a few presses of the menu buttons. From here you can access the many thousands of tracks, albums, and radio content. The ability to play the same playlists you’ve previously assembled on the desktop app is another nice touch. This also means you can listen to streaming music, and songs purchased from Pure Music from any Pure internet radio in your house, should you own one. Tag would be the second of Pure Music’s flagship tricks. The idea is that you ‘Tag’ tracks you like for later listening by tapping the tag button while a song is playing. Doing so saves and stores the tune in the ‘My Tagged Tracks’ feature on your desktop for later listening. On a Pure internet radio doing gathers the track name, artist and album information, also giving you the chance to purchase the track there and then. It’s a handy addition that helps users identify and discover new music that works flawlessly.

The bad

Unfortunately a lot of new tracks (and even some old) are not available for streaming without purchase. When looking to stream new albums it’s not uncommon to be met with the message “this release is not currently available for streaming without purchase.” Instead you’ll only be able to hear one or two minutes of each track. It’s a bummer for those looking to stream the latest music from their favourite artists, as this seems to affect the latest albums especially. There is some disparity between the Pure Music desktop app and the iOS app. Some albums appeared when searched for on desktop, but not on the iOS app on an iPhone 4S. This is both mind-boggling and frustrating. The search function does have its good points, but can feel like too much work, especially on some Pure radios, where searching for artists and albums involves too many button presses.

The bottom line

Pure Music is a decent service, but it doesn’t quite offer the unlimited streaming access to every song that many may be led to believe. The interface on both mobile app and desktop also feels a little clunky. Pure Music scores bonus points for being able to easily sync with Pure radios, but not everyone has a Pure radio, and rival service are also able to stream to other devices, too. We’re sure Pure Music will get better, but for now it’s still behind the big boys Napster and Spotify.
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