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Sony NWZ-B162

Wednesday 13 July 2011


Rating of 4

The basics

The Sony NWZ-B162 is a tiny MP3 player, offering all you'll ever need for under £30. With 2GB of storage space, it'll never challenge fully-fledged iPods, but it's a great solution for the daily commute or a quick workout in the gym.

The good

The Sony NWZ-B162 is no bigger than a USB memory stick, and actually has a port on the end (hidden under a dust cover) for connections to your laptop or PC. There's no need to use software – you can simply drag and drop files from your computer – making it easy to update songs on a regular basis and make the most out of the 2GB of storage. Despite the tiny dimensions, there's still space for a three-line LCD display, so unlike Apple's iPod Shuffle you'll always know what's playing. You'll find full controls on the right-hand side of the Sony NWZ-B162, letting you play and pause, skip songs or shuffle. Aside from the cheap price, the best bit about the Sony NWZ-B162 is its quick charge feature, offering enough run time after just 90 seconds to keep you going for a few hours. In total, the Sony NWZ-B162 manages to run for 18 hours, and when it dies simply plug it into a USB port to charge up again.

The bad

The most limiting thing about the Sony NWZ-B162 is the 2GB of storage, proving easy to fill up. However, it's easily enough for 20 or so albums, promising to keep you entertained for at least a day or two. With the ability to drag and drop files, updating music collections is also not a problem.

The bottom line

Although you can listen to music easily enough on your smartphone, it drains the battery life and threatens to leave you without a phone when you need it most. The Sony NWZ-B162 is a great solution, proving incredibly cost effective, and doing everything you'll ever need.
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