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iPod Shuffle 4th Generation

Tuesday 24 April 2012


Rating of 4

The basics

The fourth generation Apple iPod Shuffle takes on a square form measuring 29.0 x 31 x 8. mm. It weighs 12.5g and houses 2GB of flash storage. The iPod Shuffle features a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack for audio and USB charging, up to 15 hours of audio playback and a full charge time of three hours.

The good

As typical of Apple hardware, build quality on the iPod shuffle is very good, solid and premium in feel all round. From the front, to the back where the iPod Shuffle clips onto clothing: the iPod Shuffle feels great. It’s the smallest iPod Shuffle that has produced, yet the buttons are larger, making the MP3 player easier to use on-the-go or in the gym. The iPod Shuffle is also so light, you’ll barely notice it clipped to your shirt, trousers or belt. An impressive 14 hours music playback makes the iPad Shuffle ideal for long trips, runnings, or simply for its convenience in not having to charge it that often. The music player might not have an LED display of sorts. That’s where the handy VoiceOver feature comes in. One press tells you the name of the current track or artist, two presses lets you know the battery status, and holding down lets you cycle through your playlist. It’s a welcome idea to combat not being able to see which tracks are playing on a display.

The bad

Sound is of very good quality, but it doesn’t quite match that of the large Apple iPod Touch. Nor does it reach its highest volume levels. It means that the iPad Shuffle isn’t quite the smaller alternative to the iPod Touch that it could be. A small 2GB capacity also fills up in no time. The supplied Apple headphones are sub-par, uncomfortable and leak a lot of sound. Purchasing a new non-Apple pair of headphones is essential to getting the most from this dainty MP3 player.

The bottom line

The iPod Shuffle might not be able to store as many songs as the rest of the iPod range but for £40 you’re getting one of the best, smallest and well-built MP3 players around perfect for when hitting the gym or on the move. So long as the awful headphones are replaced.
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