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Cowon iAudio E2

Thursday 21 January 2010


Rating of 4

The basics

The Cowon iAudio E2 is a rival in the budget MP3 player market to the iPod Shuffle. The clip-on player is about the same size as a pack of chewing gum, screenless, and with minimal controls – so can it take on the iPod Shuffle?

The good

On first impressions, the Cowon stands a very good chance of stealing some of the iPod Shuffle's thunder. The design is certainly eye-catching, with a handy loop at the top for attaching to a keyring and unusual tiny, triangular packaging. It also comes in five colours, should the standard black not suit you. There's eight listening modes – just make sure you hit the Menu button at least once to switch to BBE, Cowon’s boosted sound quality that brings out otherwise lost detail. It also supports Flac and Ogg formats.

The bad

The headphones are the standard cheap, plasticky versions, so add in the cost of a decent pair. It’s a shame because sound quality is actually rich and detailed once you’ve slapped in a quality pair. The on-side controls are not quite as easy to use as the Shuffle’s controls on the headphone cord, as we had to keep checking what we were doing.

The bottom line

Sleeker than the Shuffle, with better sound, more support and a cheaper price. Move aside, Apple!
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This mp3 player seems perfect for me, but i do have one question and i hope someone can aswer it, if you have a high end headphone like the Grado Sr60i and connect it to this mp3 player, will it be a good match? I recently bought a Sandisk Mp3 player who is actually VERY simular to this E2, but the only downside is that the volume level is very low, even at maximum...will i get the same with the E2?

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had the same trouble with my sandisk. then i found out the volume has been set to new euro law sandards. the good news is it can be undone. you just go to settings and change your country to america and that sorts it out . it will then be loud enough for anyone who is totally deaf. "rave on"

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if you want to hear the music as it has been mastered you wouldnt want any additional EQ so its impossible for it to sound better

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will, ihave been using e2 for quite a time and audio volume is too high for me to bear. so ,i think i would suffice you mate have a go!

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