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Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Tuesday 16 September 2008


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The basics

Apple iPod Touch 32GB is marketed as the 'funnest iPod ever'. Numerous songs, movies, and games are saved in this sleek gadget which has a memory of 32GB. Its dimensions are 110x 61.8x8.5 mm, and weighs only 115g. With this gadget, everything needed for entertainment can be found in one package.

The good

How do you fit 32GB of storage capacity into something so slim? We're more stumped than the England cricket team, but that's what Apple's done with the Touch. It can hold 7,000 tunes, making it an incredibly tempting buy, even considering its wallet-rinsing price. Essentially an iPhone without the phone, this stylish 8mm-deep slab delivers fantastic widescreen video, ear-tickling audio and, thanks to its 3.5-inch Multi-touch screen, a stellar user interface - we deftly flicked through our music with Cover Flow, then zoomed into a photo by pinching our fingers on the screen with instinctive ease. The built-in Wi-Fi works brilliantly, so you can hop online at a hotspot to buy music direct from the iTunes store, surf the web or check your location on Google Maps.

The bad

£290 is still a lot to lay out for a 32GB machine, even for a delicious Apple of this high calibre.

The bottom line

By including more storage, Apple has made the iPod Touch even more desirable. Now, if it was just a little bit cheaper...
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i havent got an i pod touch but my family has got them there realy fun and you can Download loads of fun things like games and other weird and Wonderful downloads i cant wait 2 try it out in the apple Stores

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I bought one last November to replace my old worn out iPod mini. Best thing I've ever bought! Really easy to use and an endless supply of applications to download on to it. I did have to up-grade the ear phones to Sennheisers though as the Apple ear buds are pretty poor quality.

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Oliver Loades

technically the ipod tocuh is 0.5mm thicker than the first gen

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ive always wanted one of these when they first came out so im gettin one tommorow the 2nd gen model i cant wait to get some downloads on there

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i would go apple but it is the fact you have to use the i tunes if you could just drag and drop like Archos then i would go for it

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andy gilmor

i love the ipod touch ,i bought one when i split up with my online wife and ive never looked back, its more fun more loving and generaly alot nicer to me than my ex online love interest, thanx apple, and i love you bill gates your my hero, you rock man.

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can somebody answer my question if you put a transmitter in the ipod touch and made a few tweaks would you beable to make a way cheaper version of the iphone and dont take my idea plz lol if it works

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wtf andy

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o yeah my coment rocks

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I want to get this for my b-day but not sure whether this is the best one for some one who wants to hold a lot of songs, can any1 help?

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the apple ipod classic holds the most songs so yeah thats the best for holding songs but its a bit chunky.

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brian corley

I have just received a 16gb itouch for my birthday &love it .The only problem was using 'Maps Apps' All distances were in km instead of miles,you can cure this problem by going to settings>general>international. You then change from UK to USA.Problem solved!

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Its looks all cool, and everything but put it up against the archos 5 then take it from there look before you buy. The ARCHOS 5 has a bigger screen bigger,storage,more features and its cheaper than the ipod

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would really like the new faster 64GB touch but alas no Video/Still Camera... that would have made a brilliant product fantastic... so looks like my money will have to stay in the bank a little longer :(

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i sooo want the ipod touch. if someone offered me a free one i would take it deffo!!

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No point- u might as well get an iphone if you have the money to get this.

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Gary vernon

could you please check out the latest laser tv from mitsubishi,it looks fantastic,and eco too,and is it coming over here

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(L) love it lol if you get it you have to get imob brillant game !

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Tom O'

I really want one of these. In fact I think I'll be buying one this month. Much to the disappointment of my poor, poor wallet...

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I have had my Ipod touch for about 2 years now and I love it. I have a large selection of music so the 32GB of storage is brilliant. I still have my Ipod even though I now have the Iphone 4 due to the amount of songs I can fit onto my Ipod. I think apple have got everything right with the ipod range as I have had them for around 7 years and I cant imagine having any other mp3 player. The ipod is more expensive than other mp3 players on the market but in my opinion none of them come close to the quality or the ease of use of the ipod.

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