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Apple iPod Classic

Tuesday 16 September 2008


Rating of 4

The basics

Apple iPod Classic is the first of a series of iPods which eventually branched out to iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, and, of course, the iPhone. All iPod Classics have a 1.8-inch hard drive used as storage, with memory capacity varying from 5 GB (for the very first model) up to a whopping 120 GB. The most current model was released in September 9, 2008.

The good

New York? Pah! This is the Big Apple! The iPod Classic comes in at a morbidly-obese 120GB.That’s enough for 30,000 songs and 150 hours of video - or one Kevin Costner movie. It’s called the Classic because it retains the original iconic design of the iPod. The Click Wheel still works brilliantly and there are new flashes of brilliance such as the Cover Flow system for flicking through album covers. Apple’s also addressed the comparatively paltry battery of previous models, by fitting this with a 36-hour stonker.

The bad

As good as the Classic is, it isn’t perfect. While the Cover Flow system is a touch of class, it doesn’t move as fluidly as the Flash-based Touch and nano, and menus aren’t as free-flowing. It’s also a little bit of bloater, but that’s down to the mammoth hard drive.

The bottom line

It’s like Apple’s shoved the iPod from six years ago in a cryogenic chamber, gutted its innards, and shoved in a whopping great 120GB hard drive. Fantastic for people afraid of change or who have more songs than sense.
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dan avery

You cannot get that IPOD for 113 quid. It was out of stock before you issed it on your web site. Funny that Apple being out of stock before anyone new!!

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Kevin Gallagher

I got the ipod clasic 160GB and sennheiser cx 220 headphones all for £150 no joke !! an absolute bargin. Fantastic kit for a fantastic price. A++++++++++++ . From tesco direct , just copy and paste the free discounts from different site that provide them, and you'll be on to a winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kieran Hand

Gadget show needs to get real again lol, the ipod is NOT and i repeat NOT ONE spec on the mighty cowon s9 in terms of sound quality, battery life for film, speed of loading and the ipod isnt at the top of the price range, not forgetting the newly release sony X player and the zune hd

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the main point of a mp3 player is that it plays good audio, now i think its safe to say on all blind tests ever conducted the ipod never comes first on sound quality!

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I loved my ipod then it just stopped woking - clicking away and not letting me re load it or re set it. Then I did some research on the web and it seems that this is a very common problem and one you can expect to happen! So spending a fortune on the bigger memory was just a waste of time and money ??and now I am going to buy another product. Have you had a similar problem

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I had a Creative Zen but stepped up to the 120Gb Classic. I am disappointed in this one too! Sound quality is no better than mediocre and every day it skips tracks/podcasts before finishing the item it is playing. If this is a 1 hour podcast it drives you nutsfinding where you were. I have tried the Apple support and it is non existent, apparently this is a known, but not fixed, issue. Having said that I have 38 DVD movies saved to the hardrive so waiting two hours in my car for a client can be entertaining rather than mind-numbingly dull. 10/10 for design 5/10 for the rest.

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HIPOCROCAPIG ive got the 120gb best buy ever lots of music, pics,vids, books love it to bits 10/10

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Olgariginalze O'sburnezy O'donnel

I have watched you program such a long time, and I must say that it is a good show, however, I think that your presenters should not use the word 'Cheap', because some gadgets may be cheap to you lot, but expensive to others. For example, I have to go to charity shops to buy the books I need, I cannot afford to go to to Waterstone's. the first camera I bought was from a charity, it was a crap camera and it could hardly take a picture with it, but it was all I could afford. It was only this years when I bought my first digital camera for £39, it is a crap camera, but it is all I can afford, I still have not bought a flat screen TV, I have a special savings account for that, and no doubt it will be a low value flat screen with very little colour and no free view, so please do not use the word cheap, because what is cheat to you, is expensive to others. With kind regards Olgariginalze O'sburnezy O'donnel

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Shelby Tyson

Does the new ipod classic 160gb have the same problems as the 120gb ??

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Check out my review here: I love my iPod Classics but it's not without faults.

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