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Philips NP3700

Monday 16 January 2012


Rating of 4

The basics

Music streaming is becoming more and more popular, and the Philips NP3700 is the perfect device for getting music from your computers and other digital devices to your stereo. It's also capable of playing music through its own built-in speakers, making it a great choice for those struggling for space.

The good

The Philips NP3700 features an integrated Wi-Fi connection, making it easy to hook up to your home network and connect to other digital devices. It's capable of streaming music straight from the internet and via radio stations, and you'll be able to play music through the integrated speakers, or connect to your stereo or headphones. The speakers offer 2 x 5W of amplification. It's not overly loud, but sound quality is reasonable, and it's more than good enough for listening to music in the kitchen or bedroom. The Philips NP3700 also offers a large colour LCD touchscreen, making it easy to navigate through radio stations or for controlling music, whatever the lighting conditions. You'll be able to stream a variety of different formats, and you can even look at photographs or stream videos. Along with integrated Wi-Fi, the Philips NP3700 also offers a wired Ethernet connection, along with a headphone socket on the rear for hooking up speakers or for those who want to stream music without disturbing other people in the house. There's also a port for hooking up an iPod dock. If you're not happy with streaming your own music or the internet radio, you can also connect to Napster on the Philips NP3700, offering access to over 10 million tracks.

The bad

There aren't many things to complain about here. Only the combined 10W of audio power may put some people off, but as long as your expectations are realistic, it's a great choice.

The bottom line

The Philips NP3700 is an impressive device if you want to start streaming music around your home, offering a great way of accessing internet radio stations or Napster. It's easy to use, offers a host of decent features and the integrated speakers mean you can use it where space is restricted.
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