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TDK Sound Cube

Tuesday 26 April 2011


Rating of 4

The basics

The TDK Sound Cube looks amazing and it’s a good job it has a handle on the top as the first thing everyone does is pick it up and admire the design. With a speaker on each side you can comfortably fill the room with sound no matter where you place it.

The good

You'll find twin 5 1/4-inch coaxial drivers, which are big enough to pump out up to 20 Watts of attitude. You can connect your iPod or iPhone using the included 30-pin cable and there is also USB, as well as 3.5mm audio jack and Auxiliary audio jack for instruments and external mixers. Rounding out the package is the fact that it can also be used on the move. Simply slap a dozen heavy duty 'D' batteries into the base for the privilege of boom-box on the move. And what a sound it delivers, so warm and rich. There is plenty of bass without sacrificing the top end and even if you crank this box up to full volume you won’t find any distortion. We think TDK has done an amazing job of getting the sound balance just right with the Sound Cube. The front facing controls are a mix of LCD screen, touch-sensitive buttons and two over-large dials that take a little getting used to. There is a graphic equaliser, which is fussy but works well and sourcing your input is easy to do. With 5 presets on the AM/FM built-in radio you can even decide to leave your iPod at home if you like. There is even an oh-so-retro aerial you can pull out of the top. We also like the USB port, which not only has the power to charge devices but will instantly play music from any attached drive.

The bad

We'd have liked native iPod/iPhone support and while it may be designed to be used just about anywhere, weighing in at over 1kg you may need to think seriously about taking it on the move with you. Plus, the speakers come without covers, so do you really want to leave them exposed to the vagaries of the weather?

The bottom line

The TDK Sound Cube may be designed for use outdoors only on hot sunny days but there is no denying the build quality and overall sound, which are simply outstanding. If this is the shape of things to come, then it’s clear that in the future it’s hip to be square.
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red baron

I bought one December 2011. I got to say it's the best sounding piece of equipment I ever owned. It suits my needs perfectly. Superb sound quality in a small package. I have a very small living room and it wouldn't be practical to install even a mini component. I place it under my table at the center of the room, and it fills the place completely with music. pros - superb sound quality. cons - i guess you can't accurately soundstage with this one, with the tweeters pointing at opposite directions.

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I bought this just after christmas, and well what can i say i love it, my friends love it wouldn't buy anything else. But the coolest thing about it is the BASSSSSSSSSSS, turn it up to 11, ramp up the bass and treble and you have got the perfect PARTY MACHINE, YOU WILL SOON COME VERY POPULAR! and for sure you will be invited to every house party.

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what about if tdk made like a outdoors cover like cage thing, ?

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Dunno why you would want native ipod support, it would ruin the clean looks and how hard is it to plug in a cable?

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HK boy

agree with noname. why would want native iphone support especially when the iphone5 now has a different adaptor!!!

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Like the design n sound plus it's great for plugging in my stratocaster n rockin out. It plays with my iPhone just fine, but wish it could play my 60gig iPod. I discovered it can only play up to 30gig iPod. Dammit.

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Bought one of these today in HMV reduced to £99.99 - having it demonstrated in the store I couldn't leave it behind. The clarity is amazing, I'm used to listening to music through a mac mini and Yamaha amp with an arrangement of Kef speakers in our lounge, I bought this to play music on when the av system is otherwise engaged with PS3 action... 160gig iPod classic loaded with lossless tracks works just fine. The sound is so different from the av system I'm used to it actually makes a fine alternative option! Definitely gets my recommendation 10/10

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