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Shure SRH550DJ

Friday 15 April 2011


Rating of 3

The basics

The Shure SRH550DJ headset packs in a pair of 50mm audio drivers that deliver a punch with enhanced bass thanks to the supra-aural cups. Built for a busy life on the move, the cans can be rotated a full 90 degrees to pack away nice and tidy. The pads are a great size and the jack even comes with a screw mount, so it won’t come out if yanked DJ mid-set.

The good

Shure trade on the fact that musicians love their mics while DJs adore their headphones. So, it’s no surprise these are made with the professional in mind. Build quality is top-notch with the hinges being nice and tight. The tilting hinge even means you can move one can to take requests while still listen to what you’re cueing up. Then there are little things, like the length of cable and the reinforced input housing, giving everything an air of long life. Being DJ affiliated means that when it comes to top tunes the SRH550DJ offer up a full range frequency response but there is a tendency to come across as quite bassy with the treble feeling a little lost in the mix.

The bad

Rather than sitting over your ears, the SRH550DJ pretty much just perch on top of them, so excluding external noise can be a bit of a chore. The headstrap is shallow but wide, which kind of ruins the sleek look you’re after on anything but the most fresh-faced of heads. Sounds while warm can feel a little flat at times.

The bottom line

The Shure SRH550DJ headset is a great entry-level set of headphones for aspiring mix masters and audiophiles alike. They look great and deliver a decent sound for the price but they tend to work better with bass heavy riffage.
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Hi What are sony headphones like which is better sony or shure headphones?

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best headphones are beyerdynamic Dt150 or audio-technica ath-M50 or sennheiser hd25-1-ii or Sony mdr-7506, Shure are pretty decent too just dont get monster or Bose as those are crud

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