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Samsung WB700

Friday 04 November 2011


Rating of 4

The basics

The Samsung WB700 is the latest gadget to hit the South Korean company's compact camera range, offering a host of high-end features and a staggering 18x optical zoom. It's not particularly small, but it's much more convenient than taking an SLR and a bag of lenses out and about with you. Join us after the break to find out if the quality matches the spec list.

The good

The Samsung WB700 may not be particularly small or lightweight, but it counters this by having one of the largest optical zooms currently available on a compact camera. At 18x, it promises to get you closer to the action than a conventional 400mm lens on a digital SLR, and there's no occasion that it's dwarfed by. It's equally at home when shooting subjects much closer to you, proving a great camera for pretty much all users. Image stabilisation works well, with little sign of blur when zoomed into the maximum 18x. Images from the 14.2-megapixel sensor are sharped and detailed, with good colour reproduction. Digital noise can be a problem, but we'll get to that shortly. Overall, image quality is more than good enough for a compact camera, and a decent step up from the very best mobile options. As with the other recent Samsung cameras that we've tried, the menu is fast, intuitive and well laid out. Build quality on the Samsung WB700 is impressive, and despite the affordable price tag, it uses decent materials and has a high quality feel to it. There's also a slight lip on the right-hand side of the camera, making it easy to grip with one hand.

The bad

As with lots of compact cameras, the Samsung WB700 suffers from digital noise in poor light conditions. This is especially noticeable at higher ISO settings, and can take the edge off images.

The bottom line

Aside from slightly poor performance in low light levels, the Samsung WB700 is a great all-round camera. Sure, it's not small enough to slip into most pockets, but it's a lot more compact than DSLRs, bridge cameras or Micro Four Thirds cameras, and the huge zoom makes it an incredibly versatile choice.
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